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  1. Poggers
    Potential Spam reacted to 『𝓢𝕹𝓖』Mystogan for a bug report, Sprays   
    I think it’s time we get the sprays site back up. I’m stuck with a patrick star spray and I would like a different one but sadly the site is down and I can’t switch it. This has been down for at least 2 months now pls fix
  2. Like
    Potential Spam got a reaction from 『𝓢𝕹𝓖』Mystogan for a bug report, Not sure if this sould be happening...   
    Wasn't sure if this was supposed to happen so I thought I'd report it (See video)
    (Map is deathrun_airmap_run_v1)
    Counter-Strike_ Global Offensive 2020-09-22 13-30-54.mp4
  3. Bad Post
    Potential Spam got a reaction from RealBox for a bug report, Can't load map. (TTT)   
    I can't load dolls not sure what is happening but every time I try to load up TTT and the map is dolls it brings me back to my dashboard and doesn't even give me an error. I've already tried deleting the map and trying to play again but that doesn't even work.