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  1. @coolduck why are we restricted

  2. Hey! Just wondering if this is still going on. I would love to participate!
  3. Hey, I see you're the guy getting yelled at for killing the servers. I know you killed it and all but we all forgive you! Just don't do it next time I don't know what happened but I hope things are going well!

  4. Hey I am the MAN!!. I am new to these servers I am willing to play on every server except KZ Because I suck at that. I hope you guys have a nice day
  5. Please stop Or I might Have to Step in.
  6. asdfgdas]-opfgjdawiospfjgnmasdio[pfgjai[spowjfgop[a]dsjfk -[p9oasdjnmgop]as[nmg ]0p[oasjmgo[]awejsm]-[gjmaw]-gjkm,aew-0]ojkmgh,op[a]wmjgop]waemgjo0[pwaenmgawe