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  1. shut the fucjk up ass holer your oprerater for a server why arent you on/????? and there is n0obody on
  2. Why so mnays people but no ones playin????? we can just all playb amd pop tegh servers
  3. Why are there Sooooo many event team people but yet there has been no event. Are all of you event team people just want more roles>??S??!!?? @tie@Box @CurryAssassin@colinkr @Mythin @Noodlesssss and any other @eventteampeople why so many event teamers and no vent's! please command this topic if you want e vent.
  4. nertuaL repyuation he has already ben baned for ddos related thigns, and @coolduck what is up with and rthe word "ddos"
  5. Lighting McQueen also here's a rwb Porsche 911
  6. happy birthday from godly master

  7. hello every1, I like playing shynetgamiing servers and I really want to get into the commyuitny