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  1. dop i want to kiss ur nose.

  2. Wasn't quite true, for some reason the bzip2 command on linux deletes the original by default, this has been changed in the cron job. Also upped the limit on the admin subdomain to 2GB
  3. The 10 players should have their DSR now.
  4. derp pls i beg of u

  5. I remember when reactions were first added and I added monkaS I said "Should I add any more meme reactions?" No says pedro, and look where we are now.
  6. About VAR issues, since it'll be in central we can put it on our powerful server which had big improvements in var for both JB and TTT when they switched. Also to clarify, admin would be free on all servers not just central. And about the ranks yeah we'll need to figure those out.
  7. So... here's the rundown. I'd like to know how the community would feel if we merged AWP East and AWP West into a single central server, this would benefit SNG in a few ways, mainly financially. AWP East, AWP West, and Bhop are the only servers (that actually matter) that aren't on a central server, also the web server and teamspeak are on an east dedi but that's not a problem. Anyways we're basically wasting money, by not fully utilizing the east and west servers, and I would like to combine all of our servers into just Dallas central servers. I've tried to fully utilize the east/west but it doesn't work out too well. (The money we would save would make me not mind making admin completely free) Also from the 30 day player graphs, it's not exactly like the player base is packed in both servers, so it could benefit to combine them into one. https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ https://www.gametracker.com/server_info/ I regret originally making AWP East and West as separate servers (they actually used to be just 1 central if any of you were actually around for that), and I know people will say "Can you just get a small server not a whole dedi" and I honestly can't find any that are worth it, and have good ddos protection and routing. Only reason I haven't done this is because im sure people won't take it too well Also, currently our 2 dedi's in central are almost full, and with the money we save from the 2 other servers we could have another dedi and expand. TLDR: Combining AWP East and AWP West would save money, and allow more servers in central and free admin. Pls no kill me.
  8. Sorry was eating @Hypnos got a Death Sentence, rip. Will upload the shittily videos I took when I get home tomorrow. I'll PM everyone their codes later today. Also no longer selling pins so yeah.
  9. Got a wildfire, man getting a lot of those.
  10. @Hypnos Got a Wildfire @Yato Got a Death Sentence I'll send the codes later today, actually shitilty recorded the openings one handed if you wanna see lol
  11. Not at the arena yet, gonna be there in like 30 min.
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