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  1. Tell me why recently I've spent like $1500 on keys and I've gotten like 100 mp5 skins and like 50 dualies skins.
  2. You need to be a designer to advertise your art commissions here. Talk to @Patmanfor details.
  3. U do know if you lie it affects the outcome of the app right
  4. Hey the star by your name goes weeeeeeeeeeeeeee now!

  5. Everyone who linked a reference, thank you. Everyone who did not link a reference and only typed out names
  6. They will not be added to KZ.
  7. A lot of people have been asking me when player models will come back. I've been wanting to implement them for a long time now, but I can't think of any ideas to add. If there is a player model you would like to see get added, drop an idea down below and I can have it contracted to be made for us if the idea is popular enough. The only hint I will give for one that for sure will be added is this one This one will have a "Aura" effect to it, and it will be very expensive so save up your credits. When you post your suggestion, link at least one reference to what you're talking about. If you just write a name down like "master chief", then your suggestion will be ignored
  8. Heyyy, I'm happy for you man. Here's a picture of my setup.
  9. yeah hes a fag boi either way
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