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  1. https://gyazo.com/ce16e9a6441721348c2e4a095810232d https://gyazo.com/0426d7f867d117109f8c38ca94578863 Is this you?
  2. iCamp


    So to get this straight, you threaten to ddos someone and then leave because thats a rule?
  3. Very nice, feel free to make more of these. I feel like KZ is a hard thing to get into, so this helps newer players wanting to try to learn KZ.
  4. Lets do it then @Thing 1™
  5. I'm aware but what I'm trying to ask is if I do decide to do this will the white list server be poppin
  6. How many top KZ players realistically would play on a private white list server? If it's something a lot of top KZ players will play on, and you can get them to vouch it then I'd be down.
  7. Much respect on this intro, I liked it. Welcome to SNG, feel free to contact our staff if any questions/inquiries arise.
  8. iCamp

    Ban Appeal

    Oh so I was right huh lmfao, does his girl hit on u too or nah? It's all good, ima contract his dad for a job and then we're gonna smoke him so he can grow up without a dad
  9. iCamp

    Ban Appeal

    inb4 hes getting catfished by deaths gf's voice, and shes probably gonna wanna fuck frenchie after too
  10. I don't think he's abusing his power or letting the power go to his head. Redderfy hacked on Minecraft the day before they banned him on TTT, so the suspicion is there. Also, yeah let the community give their input, since most people don't even know how to spot cheats.
  11. Who tf are u? What about your girl cheated on you, you dumped her, then got back with her only to most likely get cheated on again. Then you got all edgy, unbanned a lot of people when you could have just left like a normal edgy kid, said "I don't know how I could have faced iCamp and Pedro after letting her back in to my life", then cried to August to please let you back like a good little bitch.

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