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  1. happy birthday mane :POGGERS:

  2. Happy birthday dude

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  5. Denied. I don't see the bright side in unbanning you. Those screenshots seem too detailed to be a "joke" is all im sayin. Even if you were "immature" back then, holy fuck go get some help, because if that's your way of composing a "joke" in your head, you need some serious help holy shit.
  6. Happy c-day g 😎

  7. HAPPY BIRTHDAY :FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan::FeelsBirthdayMan:

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  11. HBD man! :pepecowboy:

  12. happy birthday super cool owner :pepoEZ:

  13. Happy Birthday iCamp. 

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  15. https://gyazo.com/ce16e9a6441721348c2e4a095810232d https://gyazo.com/0426d7f867d117109f8c38ca94578863 Is this you?

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