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  1. I don't think he's abusing his power or letting the power go to his head. Redderfy hacked on Minecraft the day before they banned him on TTT, so the suspicion is there. Also, yeah let the community give their input, since most people don't even know how to spot cheats.
  2. Who tf are u? What about your girl cheated on you, you dumped her, then got back with her only to most likely get cheated on again. Then you got all edgy, unbanned a lot of people when you could have just left like a normal edgy kid, said "I don't know how I could have faced iCamp and Pedro after letting her back in to my life", then cried to August to please let you back like a good little bitch.
  3. now that u said this I dont want him unbanned anymore
  4. Are you talking about the secondary forum groups showing?
  5. There is a Vet tag, not a bad idea.
  6. Update for the bois Tired af from one of those 18 hour days
  7. Tell me why recently I've spent like $1500 on keys and I've gotten like 100 mp5 skins and like 50 dualies skins.
  8. You need to be a designer to advertise your art commissions here. Talk to @Patmanfor details.
  9. U do know if you lie it affects the outcome of the app right
  10. Hey the star by your name goes weeeeeeeeeeeeeee now!

  11. Everyone who linked a reference, thank you. Everyone who did not link a reference and only typed out names

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