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  1. @everyone The time has come for the founders of SNG. It is time for new blood to take the reigns and lead SNG with the attention it deserves. Effective today, @ Pedro Deuces @ lymbo and myself will step down as Directors and pass full ownership to @ Diam0ndz. He will be the Head Director, and will ultimately have the power to make any decision he likes. Tonight, the staff and myself will talk about the restructure and after that, @ Diam0ndz will be the new head honcho. It's been a fun run y'all, keep it brackin.
  2. iCamp

    Ban Appeal: yerm

    Denied. I don't see the bright side in unbanning you. Those screenshots seem too detailed to be a "joke" is all im sayin. Even if you were "immature" back then, holy fuck go get some help, because if that's your way of composing a "joke" in your head, you need some serious help holy shit.
  3. happy birthday super cool owner :pepoEZ:

  4. Happy Birthday iCamp.