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  1. icamp hello boss dad

  2. Approved. @Staff Can process and lock ty.
  3. iCamp approved the submission
  4. If you wish to sign up for the TF2 event, reply to this thread with the following input. Name: Steam ID: Competitive Rank (Optional): Casual Level (Optional): Hours of Play: Best Class(es): Event Time & Date: King of the Communities will be held on July 21st and 22nd at the following times: 2:00 PM PDT 3:00 PM MDT 4:00 PM CDT 5:00 PM EDT 10:00 PM IST We are allowed 3 subs, so if you wish to become a sub please let us know when you register. If you do not wish to play in the tournament please do not reply to this thread, doing so will get you forum warned.
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