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    maple syrup suck my left moose nut eh bud sorry

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  1. it bothers me that you hold the phone so high up when taking a selfie since you're using one of the buttons idk why
  2. gook yall better update with some photos too
  3. you look like the typical "sAdBoY" who thinks that just cause u got black on and roses and broken heart pictures that you're unique when in reality all edgy teenagers dress the exact same
  4. lymbo


    somali man makes it big had to hit it with the middle finger react tho still
  5. they say soulja aint from the hood
  6. just make it populated all the time you say it like it's very easy but having a constant playerbase is not as easy as you say it is
  7. used to swim a fuckton but now its just lifting in the gym
  8. Lymbo has the moves!

  9. Happy Birthday G


  11. Happy birthday big boi

  12. Happy birthday!

  13. happy birthday bro

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