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  1. Very unique intro, I dig it. Welcome to the forums/community brother
  2. Pedro Deuces


    Thanos has spoken
  4. Why would cheating ever be allowed to any capacity in any server? Its clear that with the joint partnership of the server with PRG we are allowing advertisements and the like, but why would we ever allow outright cheating on a server and it not affect your overall standing?
  5. Gonna drop my 2 cents and say you still should be banned for cheating on the MC server, but the recreation of the lag seems sufficient enough to warrant an unban. I'll leave that up to @ Diam0ndz if he feels it is fair as the overwhelming majority are in favor of +rep. (You still should be banned for saying Olaf is a bad jungle to Merica though)
  6. I'm gone for months to come back only to see Sleepy is still not funny Not surprised
  7. I always enjoyed Karaoke nights and didn't mind being ~50% of the content during them. If one of them were hosted I'd definitely show up provided I was free for the night
  8. One thing I hate about Sleepy??? You ask for far too little I hate the way his hair looks like he's still a part of a 1990's Grunge rock group I hate that out of all the pictures he decides to post for a Selfie topic, he decides to be a raging homosexual and post a "wet hair selfie :P" I hate that he uses video games to fill the void of being a social outcast I hate that I ever let him be unbanned after Chary fucked him time and time again in private channels I hate that at one point I thought that he won the genetic lottery when I found out he was over 6 feet tall with a semi deep voice at a young age only to find out he has Celiac disease I hate that he can't eat bread without profusely shitting his brains out I hate that he must genuinely shit his brains out because of the abhorrent dumb shit he manages to consistently say I hate that Celiac Disease is not lethal I don't want credits I just want an excuse to flame Sleepy. Thanks
  9. I'm better than you in every game you play and you will always live in my shadow
  10. Denied. Was a part of a doxx with a member of SNG's information being leaked, and was openly into lolicon hentai/sending it to staff members along with making jokes about harassing/assaulting a disabled child & posting pics of them. Genuinely never come back to or around SNG, you are mentally ill. Seek help before you're imprisoned you sick fuck.

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