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  1. Denied. Was a part of a doxx with a member of SNG's information being leaked, and was openly into lolicon hentai/sending it to staff members along with making jokes about harassing/assaulting a disabled child & posting pics of them. Genuinely never come back to or around SNG, you are mentally ill. Seek help before you're imprisoned you sick fuck.
  2. She spent 15 minutes typing for this btw
  3. I refuse to use anything but a Zowie FK1
  4. Niggas missin free rep
  5. Niggas missing free rep, tragic
  6. You can escape your responsibilities as a senior admin but you can't escape my tweets about my ex girlfriend's asshole
  7. I know we've had like 4 of these before, but we haven't in a hot minute so, post ur lockscreens/homescreens. I'm tryna see y'all aesthetic for the public to see when you're on your phones in public.
  8. How are you? - I am good ty for asking How have you been? - I've been really good actually. Life has been v enjoyable recently How's life been doing you? - Fantastic You been enjoying yourself? - Most definitely and hopefully more great times to come soon
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