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  1. hey man me too! think we met on the jb server the other day, just joined the forums too!!
  2. For sure! Too bad you aren't welcome back
  3. I know its already approved but I just wanted to say: I'm glad you appealed and you wanna get involved again in SNG. I was always really bummed about how that situation all played out and it sucks there was a falling out that happened among all of us who were friends at the time. I'm glad that after all these years, that we can learn to forgive and we've grown as people. Glad to see you back in the servers bud, congrats on the appeal.
  4. happy birthday super cool retired owner

  5. Take care of my child. Much love to all of you, I'll still be in discord/TS and will still occasionally hand out flame. Love u all
  6. oy bruv i hope you get dis shit in your email bruv

  7. Aint this the same nigga that told me to go die?
  8. Personally I think its lame every time you make a return, you some how get really edgy after a few months and leave again or do something stupid to warrant a response from an owner. The last 2 times, that's been me. So for the sake of not having another topic/event, no. Appeal denied.
  9. Yeah I don't remember the reason for the ban. Ban appeal approved.
  10. Very unique intro, I dig it. Welcome to the forums/community brother