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  1. 1. I don’t owe you shit. Don’t be thinking that just because I’ve been gone and actually had a life that I owe it to you to say “I’m sorry” or some stupid shit. If you read the actual replies to this post you’d understand why it’s been down. For the timeframe of the server? I have no clue. I have my own shit to do so it’ll get done when it’s done. I’m not going to drop everything to please people online. If you want the server done right, I suggest you wait until I can get shit done properly and clean it up.
  2. I’ll reply to everyone on this shit, since people have mixed opinions. I appreciate the people both defending my choices and criticizing them, as both sides are helping the development of the server. I plan on keeping it smp FOR NOW, with a /pvp enable plugin, so that if you want to enable pvp, you may. I might also have this affect the ability to have your chests opened by other players (if you and one other person enable pvp, you can open each other’s chests even if you didn’t give them access). My reasoning for this is simple: smp gets boring after a couple of weeks. If you try telling
  3. I've thought quite a lot about this, and figured I could set it up so that 75% of the world is PVE, while 25% is PVP, with a possible "arena" where you can gain money/the other person's gear from fighting.
  4. Note: The server has been decided as an SMP server for now, so if anyone has further suggestions for that server type, please add to this post or PM me. New plugin ideas are okay, as long as they do NOT add items or change the gameplay massively. Let me know please!
  5. Since 2018 is just 1 day away for many of us, what are some of your guys' new year's resolutions? I plan to start working out regularly, and then get good enough grades this upcoming semester to transfer to the school I plan to stay at for the rest of my college career. Other than that, I want to keep my relationship going and stop being as toxic in general (that one probably won't happen.) So yeah, do any of you have big plans, or just small goals you want to accomplish?
  6. No but seriously if you aren't already, go lay out in the sun if you can, that vitamin D will help a fuck ton instead of laying inside.
  7. The biggest issue is that if you have 24 players on a single kind of server, lets say SMP, and then you split it up and add the other two, you will have roughly populations of 8 on each server, and as much as that might seem like it's not terrible, populations on servers aren't the same as CS:GO servers. You don't invest time into a cs server unless you are playing for the points, in which you can hop onto different ones, rather than having to stay on one server for a long period of time to obtain what you want. The large difference in the two is the ability to change servers quickly and sti
  8. Hello everyone, I'm back after a long break, and hopefully am bringing (somewhat) good news to some of you. After the previous server was started, I never really got the chance to give it my full attention, as I had college starting, and was pretty nervous about it. I have spent my Christmas break with family and friends, along with being sick for almost a week. After all of that, I'm finally prepared to truly get this shit done, and have it ready for you within the next week, seeming that I have all of the necessary building blocks needed. I am going to propose 3 server ideas,
  9. Gonna miss you for sure, do what's best!
  10. Tagging @Lex for more info. If you can provide proof to what happened, it would help, @ŦєรtเשєⓋⓐⓓⓔⓡ۝. Otherwise, if sufficient evidence is given that proves you are cheating, it will result in a perm ban. Cheating is not normally a 1 week ban, but I believe this was a temporary time until a higher up could perm ban you.
  11. Didn't know @Oddie still played
  12. To add to this, and another way to help yourself is to call around your area and talk to the ISPs. If only one ISP in your area is in support of net neutrality, say you’ll support them over their competitors. This is something that can help on a local level if the bill gets repealed. This can’t be stressed enough, that saving net neutrality is so fucking important. Do everything you can, because otherwise we are going to be struggling to pay for many services just to enjoy the internet. Sit down and explain to your family what’s going on, and how it is important. That’s what matters.
  13. Holy shit are you illiterate or acting dumb? This post is pointless. Unless you have solid proof that you know this guy, and he invited you to play, I don’t see this happening. You ruined your chance by mentioning a smurf account site. What new player would find that???? You can go on g2a and get cs for like $9. This just seems like a desperation post after you realized you fucked up, rather than an actual apology. Admit to what you did wrong, or act like yourself and apologize correctly. No point in lying on something like this, since you won’t get anywhere with it.
  14. You’d just play with yourself and then cry when you realize no one wants to touch your peepee
  15. Still don’t know why people idolized him. If you like his music that’s cool but like...the dude says he has depression but does nothing to actually better himself. Anyone who says they’re sad he died are only sad they can’t have another song released.
  16. Tbh you’ll find no good deals. You will find “good” deals, but they are actually items that were recently marked up from their original price, to then be marked back down. And no, this doesn’t apply for everything, but most items it will. I would check, because I do know there is a website that shows past prices of certain items, and can show you whether they were marked up in October/early November. Cyber Monday can be the same, but normally amazon dominates and has good deals. Check your shit before you buy it!
  17. As much as I do fuck with you, and act like a complete fucking nigger to you, you are a really cool guy. Honestly, we haven't played many games together, but we always manage to have fun in Chateau. you still got raped though
  18. HBD hop in ts loser

  19. Yeah it was a joke and you ruined it :/
  20. Nice fucking shots, idk the music was weird but kind of catchy
  21. Looks pretty cool. If you keep drawing for a couple of years, you should come back to this and re-draw it when you are a lot more skilled, and see the changes.
  22. It's pretty litty litty eggs and titty. But we need to get a fuck ton of people for mike myers. That would be fun as fuck on some of the bigger maps.