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  1. yeah like I said I was tweaking my OBS. was my first recording and just so happened to snag it. My encoding rates were wrong causing the pixelation. But next time I'll please the SNG gods. I didn't know he was a vet. So many people change their names in there. I stopped playing for damn near 6 months. I come back and everyone I used to play with is gone, and the good ones are there still under different names. Telling me to get better quality after stating what was already at hand is beating a dead horse after it was thrown through a meat grinder. There was another person in spec that right before me typed the same thing I did. But if there are multiple peeps vouching then I can't deny. We'll see what's up tho fo sho doe.
  2. I really wish the quality was better. lol
  3. So.. As I was enjoying my monday blunt... I come across this some bitch ruining a game that doesn't require skill to play.. so he had to become even more of a dbag and use his cheats... Here ya go. SNG TAGGED TOO!!!!! Bakerbooty is his name. Fast forward to about 2:50-3:00 in.. the quality is kind of shitty.. was tuning my OBS for standard video recording so the bit rate makes it all pixleated.. but basically he's in a 1v1. he's staring at the guy and locks to him, spins around and shit. you'll see. Sorry I'm a scrub and don't record in game stuff.
  4. Sad.... you better get your happy ass back on this game bro and team up with me dude.. we were the duo man... Thanks for the warm welcome guys. iCamp were 2 go fo sng tag bic boi?
  5. I AM BACK!!!!! I used to play on yalls awp server a while back.. gave you guys hell for not having a 128 tic for an awp server. and here you guys are.. best server still. I'm now back home in Texas with good ping. I'm going to rekt all yo ass hoes all dai eh daiiii.. bic boi... prepair duh bum.
  6. Hey bros.. Long time. Been a VIP for you guys for a long while now. Been a regular for you guys for closer to a year. So lets break this down here for all the dumb fucks that play in the server that want to talk shit... If you play in Awp server, and you top frag and bash others for not being as good as you... lets put this into light here.. you suck.. everyone in the server sucks.. Globals don't play AWP server. you are not a god, you are not anywhere close to being considered a good player. Awping is about holding a corner. Anyone can camp a corner and hold it. You're garbage. Some shit head noobs to the server hop in and start grieving making the game not enjoyable. If you get a drop shot on me, trust it's not your skill it's your ping. You can ask any of the real OG's from the server and ask who I am. Don't fucking disrespect the people that fucking help build the server. SO god damn livid right now. Not happy with you guys in the slightest. Fucking putrid how the server is now. No admins are online. iCamp i'm sure is busy, and so is the other server owner. But jesus guys. If you're going to give out admin give it to a person that is actually active and online. This is absolutely aids and toxic to play in there. Including your surf server. pretty toxic in there as well. Love, Shotamidget aka b00nz.exe.
  7. There are a few solutions. I feel like the store did a LOT of good for the server. Made the teams competitive. Had a goal to hit when you find out some people bet on your team to win. But on the other hand it has caused team stacking pretty severely. People who don't want to improve in the game, but instead want to be carried. I don't find that so much aids. Shit all the regulars, and OG's all have shit from the store lol. Everyone has a hat. I'm pretty sure it hasn't driven anyone away, nor have I seen any publicly distraught individuals about the store. The lego map I'm talking about is the one with the sky bridge? It was on the server prob 6 months ago or so. I don't remember why it was removed as it was prob. my favorite map haha. And it maxed the server out all day. One thing I have noticed is a majority of the bitching and moaning is from kids ""'s on kids, lose at a map, or they can't find an angle to hold or something and they bitch and pitch a fit about the map. There is a difference in sucking on a map, and a poorly designed map. The only map that has continually made everyone bitch, is quarters. Another idea is to actually set up a pole of maps on the home page of your website. Have map names. Have everyone vote on it and base that on what maps stay and which don't. You want your community to decide. TLDR; Store isn't cancer. Quarters is. Have community vote on the maps that stay, or rotated out. New map ideas. Maybe only look for maps that have a similar floor plan as say, buildings, or Snow. Those seem to do very well with the community, pleanty of angles to hold, and easy to find more maps like that. Also I own and operate my own business. Repeat business appeasing your "clients" no matter if it's a server, or an actual product your selling is always smarter then personal preference.
  8. one of the few vips that actually pays for it. You're welcome.
  9. So I haven't bitched about anything in months so don't point a finger. lol Closed quarters is hands down the most aids map on the server. You know it's aids when 12 year old rebels stay and the server vets and regulars all leave. AND ALL OF THEM say the map is aids. Watch that map hit, or watch when Sad, Oddie, and trig all find out that map is up... All leave, and when they leave, everyone else leaves. As stupid as it may sound, the server regulars keep the server occupied. If they aren't playing, no one's playing. And if they are, there is 4. Or 3... it's always a stupid number so the position works. You guys removed the best lego maps, and replaced it with a decent one, but it doesn't pale in comparison to the other 2. If it's about exploits, tell the admins to do their job. It's not about following what everyone on the server says it's looking at what keeps the population in the server. what maps are people willing to cope with, not appease everyone. It's sad to say but if you look at the server 2 months ago to now. There is zero late night, even on the weekends. Like 0 pop. And I bet I can guess what caused the 0 pop. In no way am I meaning any of this in disrespect, but server is full on buildings, then drops to 12 on close quarters. Then stays at 12 for the rest of the night till quarters hits again. Then it drops to almost half again. it always happens on that map. I'd like to continue to support the server. NO matter if it is only 3$ for VIP or not, or weather or not you give a shit for that 3$ it's the fact that it would be wise to keep the supporters around instead of 6th graders. East coast is just dead.... it's never full. It used to be at least half full at all times. No longer. Even during school season everyone that filled the servers prior are all on my friends list. and they are all on playing CS:GO... and guess where they are not lol
  10. I'm at this very moment waiting on emails from paypal to sort out my website. https://pfsauce.com is my website. If you guys have any insite in Wordpress and woocommerce let me know lol. Also on the site if you go to products can at least see what we have right now.. flavors and such.

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