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  1. Mango approved the submission
  2. tank u for birthday wishes lads


  3. You're 18 now so I'm gonna send u mad pics of my dick on top of my fight stick while we play DBFZ hope u enjoy

    1. Mango


      pls don't



      i'd be more mad about the fight stick than the dick pic

    2. SighT


      Shit, he's 18 now? No more nudes

  4. There's really no reason for the logs when the guy admitted to macros in the appeal itself, and the reason for the ban is the macrodox logs. Besides that, I'll leave this open for some more time to get more community input.
  5. Happy birthday Mango!

  6. Happy Birthday Mango!

    Hope u have a good one!

  7. Happy birthday Captain NoFun!

  8. tell me the name...... NOW

    ily <3 hbd

  9. Happy birthday my dude, gotta thank U for at least giving me a warning about shit posting xD No one has ever tols me about it before but ti was u who stand out and decide to lead me onto the right path.

    Have an AWESOME day buddy, and love u very much for being a GREAT head admin.

    Enjoy ur bday :))

  10. Happy Birthday

  11. Happy Birthday Mango hope you will have a wounderful day :D 

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