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  1. gir

    LF new egirl!

    ur girl @Melly Cakes ghosted me on snap dog u gotta talk to her
  2. gir

    LF new egirl!

    update: looking for non tango related egirls
  3. gir

    LF new egirl!

    you left me for tango :((((((((((((((((((((
  4. gir

    LF new egirl!

    @Alexsorry looking for egirls not trannys
  5. gir

    LF new egirl!

    hello, i am a kind little eboy who has been an upstanding citizen for my whole life. if you become my egirl i will treat you like you deserve and white night any fight you get in no matter how retarded (we all know you bitches retarded). I will sub to your only fans or patreon if that material good enough. i will suck at video games so you can feel good at them! this topic is fully serious
  6. gir

    Thank You

    stfu retard commit noose die lol
  7. dop i want to kiss ur nose.

  8. gir

    why r u a man?


    1. Rain


      Got a problem with my dick, twirp?

  9. gir


  10. gir

    Credit Giveaway!

    Pretty sure there is a cap on how many characters you can put in your forum post. If there wasn't I would give this post my time of day.
  11. you are krunker palyer
  12. gir


    Join Date 03/24/16 gj on being promoted newbie.
  13. gir


    @proobstheres a lot of people that deserve this more than you :)))))))))))))))))))) jk
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