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  1. how aobut you put alittle more effort into your ban appeal
  2. I dont fucking care about your god damn normal ping, @Treeskers what is your ping to a central server get on a dallas one and screenshot it.
  3. What ping do you play at normally on servers? @Treeskers
  4. Ye im autistic as well
  5. U a goat

  6. forge

    happy birthday dude! i hoping unbanned soon i missing u! !!! <3


  7. It has been a long run, I have been every single role in the commuty. I have met many friends along the way, @i1997sora was probably the best one I had (sad to see you go mentally insane will be missed.) Seeing everyone leave and join has brought tears to my eyes watching this community grow up. I have been here from the beginning even before we had public servers. @ iCamp is the biggest nigger I have ever met tbh. I will never be back ever again. Honestly being in SNG was so fucking toxic I think I have become a worse person since i got here I gained 2 WHOLE FUCKING POUNDS being here gaming too much. My boyfriend wont blow me in the work bathrooms anymore, shoutout my girl @lexa. @ Character you were the best person I met in this community I hope the tampon comes outta your ass sometime soon so we can talk normal again. *kissyface* GOODBYE AND FAREWELL. p.s love you all! pp.s @f12we need a new remix my niggah. I Am a grey namer now.
  8. Rich

    Happy Birthday!

  9. actually fuck u idiot

    HBD :mellow:

  10. gir

    Thank you SNG

    gl gettin them milfs bud
  11. gir

    Is a babbyy

    . congrats

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