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  1. dude ur name on discord is meth, like i dont need a crack head controlling hwat map im, pl[aying .
  2. - rep didnt even know he played jb tbh thought he was an awp super LOL!
  3. gir

    Gir operator app

    scratch that have been informed that operaters cant give street cred so fk this shit LOL
  4. IF YOU WOULD WANT A LEAGUE OF LEGENDS TOURNAMENT EVENT AND WOULD BE WILLING TO PLAY SAY YES DETAILS BELOW The tourney would be random teams, or team captains depending on the players essentially running like how LCS is but in 1 or 2 days Min 20 players would be needed, but pretty sure it would be easy to get If team captains it would be done through volunteers or through a well known players decision who the fuck cares about a shitty event team staff, if you want to do this I will run it, with $75 prize pool. Type below with ign and if you would be interested. for instance my post would be ign: frozen wave yes i would be down to play
  5. Hello! my son, is 18 turning 19 and he is failing my family, provides no money, has no job, is diagnosed with slight autism, just had a kid, and honestly just a waste of society. I need him to get a wife that will beat him into shape, I will provide a living space, as long as he comes out with a black eye and a job within a month it will be okay. If you want anymore info, add me on discord @gir#9999
  6. oy bruv i hope you get dis shit in your email bruv

  7. fuck noodles this guy is a fkn retard wiht mental handicaps, s2g if guy makes one more post about a fkn rule that stops me from fkn jumping once, just to get fkn raped by some fkn 12 year old on jb i wil fkn burn his bed while he sleeps in it
  8. s2g who the fuck made this guy operator?
  9. -rep, also willing to pay people $5 (you will be paid next thursday.) to also -rep this post. this kid is a snake.
  10. gir

    Orange man

    So they just promoting anyone now huh?
  11. gir

    Nairb = 🍊웃

    Finally not in pity role @Nairbonto the next pity role.
  12. gir

    Moving on

  13. how aobut you put alittle more effort into your ban appeal

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