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  1. +rep Long time player who knows the ins and outs of AWP. Would be interesting to see change to the AWP server's map pool for the first time in a while. While you're at it maybe I can take a look at some of those maps@B0xerZ. Been getting back into hammer recently.
  2. WOW, that's really nice of you@KING KAZMA! Awp is going to be crazy this month. glhf every1
  3. Bless Up to the OG Lead Mapper

    1. Cookiez


      Thanks man!

  4. Nice retexture. Might want to change the colours though, in order to make the map more pleasing on the player's eyes.
  5. Happy birthday! :)

  6. +rep I know I'm not one to say things about people who have 'changed' after a perma ban, but I feel as if that is not the case Here. Fazesanta is a good example of how time can bring upon maturity. Not only that, he is active; far more than many regular admins already are, which would be my biggest point in +repping him. All in all good luck.
  7. Cookiez

    Awp West Pls

    AHAHAHAHAAHAH King Louie is definitely the best operator in the history of SNG
  8. +rep This guy is absolutely ridiculous at mapping, maybe the best in all of jailbreak. Even if he did not make a SNG themed map, I feel as if him just making the application warranted him for the position. Best of luck.
  9. happy birthday my guy :)

    1. Cookiez


      Thank you bro.

  10. Happy birthday mapper guy

    1. Cookiez


      Thank you dude.

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