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  1. Bird

    the checkup

    So today was the first time I got on the awp server for long time. I'd like to say that I really did enjoy it, almost as much as I used to when I played it 2 or 3 years ago. @sleepy got my back ya know, he recognized me and honestly I didn't even know i'd even be recognized. it was pretty cool. to all those dooods that take that awp server serious and get made when they die, keep bein u cuz i think that shits funny af. I might actually play at least every few days cuz i had some fun. Beware i'm goin for number 1 baby and I wont stop until im hot. I thought it was pretty cool seeing a lot of players on again cuz i felt like every time i looked and wanted to get on there wasn't a lot of people (I probably just look at bad times) , but it reminded me of when I played the shit out of it. I suck dick but we climbin the ranks 1 by 1 ya know what i mean hope to see u fuckers on so i can shoot u with my glizwald
  2. Happy Bday


  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. happy birthday brother, miss ya <3

  6. merry birthmas bitch

  7. Happy Birthday Brother YEE YEE 

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    cya spinnin retard yes.png.3f18a372e15fc1eee8cbe43897185b62.png

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    try turning it off and on again : D
  10. Still gives me a good chuckle when i see an Owner application! nice one!
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