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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. yea that a fucking lie and we all know it
  3. layter gib hdd fu rulin the mc server, thak for turni me into spin man
  4. Bird

    the checkup

    So today was the first time I got on the awp server for long time. I'd like to say that I really did enjoy it, almost as much as I used to when I played it 2 or 3 years ago. @sleepy got my back ya know, he recognized me and honestly I didn't even know i'd even be recognized. it was pretty cool. to all those dooods that take that awp server serious and get made when they die, keep bein u cuz i think that shits funny af. I might actually play at least every few days cuz i had some fun. Beware i'm goin for number 1 baby and I wont stop until im hot. I thought it was pretty cool seeing a lot of players on again cuz i felt like every time i looked and wanted to get on there wasn't a lot of people (I probably just look at bad times) , but it reminded me of when I played the shit out of it. I suck dick but we climbin the ranks 1 by 1 ya know what i mean hope to see u fuckers on so i can shoot u with my glizwald
  5. Happy Bday


  7. Happy Birthday!

  8. Box

    happy birthday brother, miss ya <3

  9. merry birthmas bitch

  10. Happy Birthday Brother YEE YEE 

  11. Bird

    cya spinnin retard yes.png.3f18a372e15fc1eee8cbe43897185b62.png

  12. Bird


    try turning it off and on again : D
  13. Still gives me a good chuckle when i see an Owner application! nice one!
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