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  1. Was bored at work today and wrote 80% of my shit, Escape is RIP
  2. Lmao Escape jeez that actually wasnt shit But Im afraid you're gonna have to wait a bit Tried to sleep for 3 hours last night But all J could think about is how you're all bark and no bite I might get on tonight but Im not sure yet But Im glad that you've accepted the bet Cause now Im actually glad that we met Cause my rhymes always make your girl's panties wet
  3. So I ifficially challenge Escape to a battle. An AWP battle? No we're white loser retards A Rap Battle I'll put up to 5000 credits on the line, and obviously you can pre-write your shit that way its at least entertaining cause we both suck at freestyling. What do you say Escape? Fuck Free World? 313?
  4. lol thanks, Ima get mine for your sig gif
  5. Haven't been on in a couple days cause Ive been catching up on sleep but had a game from the other day where I had almost 30RWS and just finished the video for it, here you go
  6. Figured I'd post it on here cause why not, had a pistol round ace, multiple 4ks, some nice clutches, etc. we've only been a team (4 of the 5 in the vid) for a couple days and we're still learning a lot so dont judge too harsh please. But Im sure you guys will appreciate some of the AWP shots
  7. like its never been perfect but I didnt mind but it has been consistent for me for months and then all of a sudden Im at 90 at best I cant play on that
  8. So recently about half of the time on the AWP West server I'm getting about 90-110 ping when I used to get a consistent 45-65 ping for months. Nothing about my internet has changed, every other server I have the same ping, stream running fine etc. I was playing on the West server since I had worse ping on it for months because I knew more people on there but I literally can't play on 100+. I was barely able to deal with 55 ping when it felt not great but I could deal with it. 100+ just feels like Im shooting marshmallows. So did something change that would be causing this? (server moved or
  9. Got this in a Faceit match the other day, had another video called "The Best Ace I will ever get" made a couple months ago but I felt like this one was slightly better, check it out
  10. Although he has killed me more than anyone else with 205
  11. Oh and I forgot one of the bet parts about these stats, the person I've killed more than anyone else on the server is of course Bobby at 447, with is 1 kill over double the second place person, Porkchop, at 223. Im sorry Bobby, and I know a lot of those are with the Zeus <3
  12. So I didnt know about the page that showed your kills and deaths to specific players, and I put together the list of the only 7 people who have killed me more than Ive killed them. (With the cutoff being that they've killed me at least 30 times) Name-----------------I killed them-----They killed me GreyaN -------------------50---------------74 (biggest difference) p4tr1ck⋆ -----------------111--------------117 KingjiN -------------------70---------------73 Death By Cabbage -------32---------------34 trey ----------------------29---------------43 Frostbae -----------------29------