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  1. I love sushi. It's part of the reason I want to travel to Japan.
  2. KingjiN

    hows it goin

    Life's been pretty fucking amazing. It's been a great year. Glad to hear from you @lexa
  3. I would but I am too lazy to change it. Hi @Spooky Cakes.
  4. Yeah I take community gaming servers very seriously too. I didn’t read much of any of this but I hope everyone is having a nice day.
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  6. KingjiN

    Questions .v3?

    ‣ What's the last thing you got mad about? My cat was covering up the monitor while working. ‣ What is something you have put-off doing? (procrastinated) Woman ‣ What was your first job? - If you haven't had one, where would you apply for? Bus boy at a cafe. ‣ What brings the feeling of nostalgia to you? Music ‣ Is there anything you are saving up (ya monies) for? No idea ‣ What do you spend too much time doing? Working ‣ Paste whatever is on your clipboard! Or what, are you a little bitch? uh huh ‣ What's the last news article you read? Don't remember
  7. KingjiN


    Welcome @julia Damn making moola. Respect.
  8. KingjiN


    welcome @noobnz.
  9. I’m just happy my grandma is recovering well and looking better now.
  10. Welcome to the forums @Pue
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