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  1. Application accepted! @ August can set you up for JB admin! @proobscan help you out with any admin mentorship.
  2. @903 Minigames isn't an active server right now. Unless you have another server you wish to get active on with the qualifying admin recommendations. I have to deny this app. Thank you.
  3. I need more feedback from any of the recommendations. More insight will help. @Sixredfish @Tubby @Earthling @Noodlesssss @Dan @Ron @redderfry @Toast๑ﭥ
  4. Back in 2015, wanted to try community servers. I really enjoyed awping and I found SNG's awp server. Grinded hours on the summer and started to build a lot of friendships. Made my first reply on a point system discussion. Later got involved when I made a large group called ThK. Applied for admin to help the server and it just went up from there.
  5. As the title says, what are you dressing up for Halloween? I think I am going to rock a nice clean outfit similar to the joker and rock some clown makeup. Don't know whether to take my little cousin trick or treatin or out partyin. I am only going to assume some of you niggas think you are too old to dress up but like c'mon it's once a year? Why not have a little fun!
  6. Oi, King here. Just another in the mood posts I guess. I like female butts and I take classes on songwriting. One of my favorite things in life is to listen to good ass music. I enjoy any music with a good beat but in most cases, I enjoy listening to a song that interpret a bigger picture. Lyrics that relate to me or make me feel swelled in emotions in some way. Here a few song lyrics I randomly grabbed out of my notes. "The markings on your surface Your speckled face Flawed crystals hang from your ears I couldn't gauge your fears" Frank Ocean - Seigfried "Girl, what's your problem Cause I know it's hard sometimes, baby just give it some time Oh honey now girl, we can solve them If you just give me some time I can open up your mind If you le-le-let it shine, you can free-ee-ee your mind Cause I know" Childish Gambino - Sober "Try to stay sane is like a full time hobbyEverything I do, fake niggas always copy" The Weeknd - Drunk In Love "Brace yourself, I'll take you on a trip down memory laneThis is not a rap on how I'm slingin' crack or move cocaineThis is cul-de-sac and plenty Cognac and major painNot the drill sergeant, but the stress that weighin' on your brain" m.A.A.d. city - Kendrick Lamar "Told her you don't gotta make it difficultBaby, sit calm, we don't need another episodeHippie bitches sending me titty picturesShe told me no religion was the new religionShe said she don't believe in God, but her shoe's Christian" Might Not - Belly "Every time you clock in the morning, I feel you just want to killAll my innocence while ignoring my purpose to persevere as a better personI know you heard this and probably in fearBut what am I supposed to do" Good kid - Kendrick Lamar "And my hair be growing like a fuckin' SaiyanI popped a couple pills, I think that I'm DevanteI fuck a bitch from Lost and Found like every MondayMy jaw line so defined, I'm wildin' like I'm GunplayYou see no white inside my eyes and it's a fun day" Drinks on us - Mike WiLL Made-It What are your favorite lyrics? It can be a particular line, verse, or hook! It doesn't matter! Where it makes you feel something emotional. Good or bad. Thank you for reading and have a lovely day.
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