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  1. https://gyazo.com/1f74b0cdea24725d2a33f35fef13b192
  3. Couldn't have said it better myself if this community lasts longer than a year like this i will bend thy knee
  4. Go ahead and joke around the matter at hand, this is just one case of abuse i have found in mere days visiting this grand community, you probably find it easy to get away with this being buddy buddy with ___and ____ .
  5. I post a comment, 7 minutes later velox is viewing the thread, 1 minute later sngbot moves the post to resolved. i don't think ur downie brownie fat head is getting enough oxygen because that is not what resolved means. https://skynetgaming.net/forums/topic/12895-admin-complaint-lawl/?do=findComment&amp;comment=193071 i don't understand why everyone is so afraid to say bad things about their fellow admin buddies, if they do something wrong they should be punished. Merry Christmas and make sure to have a wonderful new year. 2019 is probably gonna be filled with more abuse swept under the rug
  6. u niggas b trippin if u think imma let this post slide off the front page that easy
  7. Meme all you want, just because you might be buddy buddy with the big boys does not mean you get a pardon to do what you want. unless i misunderstood what the point of -rep and +rep'ing posts, you shouldn't be able to close a very controversial ban appeal that more people agreed to keep him banned than unbanning him just because YOU think it doesn't matter. I would love to hear the opinion of the big boys on the the matter at hand, if they all agree that i am completely in the wrong i will drop this and go on with my life.
  8. Please don't shit post on his admin complaint yerm, this is a serious matter and this tom foolery isn't appreciated.
  9. Admin's Name: LAWL Admin's Steam ID:STEAM_1:1:52072110 Evidence: lawl used his stature as a global admin to unban a player(that ban evaded 3 times, and admitted to using cheats and now wants to join a tournament) that he wanted on his team when the odds were stacked against the player in question, having 8 -reps 5 +reps and 5+reps that were coerced by lawl. only punishing the banned(now unbanned) player kai by disqualifying him from the tournament is not enough punishment for the abuse that went down that dreaded day.
  10. im excited for the direction this community will be going in 2019

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