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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. i was gonna post the sc of you telling the story ab how a black girl in your class tapped your shoulder and you almost called her the n word but you're edgy and probably deleted it cus I can't find it.

    :FeelsBirthdayMan: hapy brdyay though


  4. Colours


    i7-8700k Gtx 1070 Gigabyte z390 aorus elite 16 gb trident z rgb ram Samsung 970 evo 250 gb h700i case
  5. ive spent 400$ and have unboxed a single red worth 4$
  6. merry christmas have a good day
  7. Here is my tahm kench art emblem in black ops 4 !!!!!!!!!1!111111!!11 This is good art yes!1111
  8. Colours

    LF new egirl!

    thanks for letting me borrow the aventador man!!!!!! I also really appreciated you letting me stay in ur 8 bedroom mansion for free while i was looking for a job
  9. imagine doing a post like this in 2019 you fucking loser
  10. poverty level mcdonalds with these guys. tragic