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  1. Jensyl


    i have a dad thank you
  2. Jensyl


    shitpost szn
  3. im talking about the servers activity not yours silly
  4. My rust server had regular updates, just couldnt keep up with other rust servers to even contend
  5. I set up the server with close to no knowledge of how to use plugins or scripts anything like that, still had like 40+ people but just couldnt keep the consistency. wasnt hard to learn but i felt like i ended up doing most of the stuff myself since nobody knew (at the time) how shit for rust worked, so yeh
  6. Jensyl


    i wish there was a :killmyself: emoji
  7. hes the i g g y let him in
  8. good question.. didnt think id get that far
  9. you got so many cuts on ur wrists i could scan them like a barcode
  10. id be afraid to ask u bite