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  1. Jensyl


    Welcome to our forums
  2. theres these things called cheats which arent allowed, tis big no no.
  3. I wanted to be toxic but you're too nice >:c Welcome to our forums bud first time seeing a introduction video on the forums.
  4. Jensyl

    Moving on

    Hope life treats you well, take it easy
  5. I mean its basically saying you were using an exploit for smokes. dont cheat?(AGAIN) like I figured you would've learned your lesson the first time you decided to cheat we've even discussed this previously RIGHT AFTER you got banned the first time, so stop being stupid. I have no doubts in my mind that you knew what you were doing. not to mention THREE of your other accounts have VAC bans, soooooooo I dont see this being an accident -REP
  6. Jensyl


  7. trying not to die is a good start haha havent done shit but sit on my ass and game @Warden Frostwater also I thought they raised the level cap to 72?
  8. Red flags of an alien everywhere here. Using hands instead of just POURING THE CEREAL Patting the cereal..? Messy Caveman just because you're a fuccin IDIET I mean you guys just dont rip open the box and pour an entire gallon of milk inside..? no..? just me? ok
  9. Jensyl

    hi im weak

    welcome to our forums

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