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  1. im not new either but hi how are ya
  2. Thats the point here, why did you try to evade instead of just appealing initially?
  3. STEAM_1:0:535887457 This is your steam ID. Also you were banned for BhopHack, on KZ no less. not to mention you also evaded on another account with this steam id STEAM_1:0:180982908 and got banned for duplicate. Explain.
  4. Thanks for clarifying, I legitmately was confused lmao.
  5. Its really quite simple, just admit you were cheating, both of the previous accounts have VACs, I highly doubt you've forgotten.
  6. please make a topic with actual evidence. soundboarding is basically HLDJ and its not allowed; clearly stated in forum and server rules as far as i know atm we allow racism to a CERTAIN EXTENT this rule may be subject to change in the future. if he is giving you problems or anything then make sure you have evidence to support the claims. locking topic.
  7. you annoyed the shit out of me, but it wasn’t in a bad way, although whenever I figured out that stance evaded on an account (which The story I was told was for MM) that was yours, I was disappointed. In all honesty though you should’ve seen it coming from someone like him, also with the whole deathshadow situation I respected that you didn’t decide to take full advantage of said admin going rogue and going on an unban spree to join the servers. it clearly shows that you’ve matured and came a long way from the element I knew a few years prior.
  8. It was a tragedy, a lot of people lost their lives; it was definitely life changing. but in all fairness the Family Guy skit was funny, I thought it was anyway.
  9. bout fuckin time boy, year or 2 late but better late then never.
  11. you say fall guys is better but you need better people to play with, cant just be queing with randies in among us and expect something to happen lol legit played among us with pedro, icamp, duh, alex, colin, flowey, C, and suka, and a few others; and that shit was lit, you just need the right people to play with
  12. People like you disgust me 😂 I’m jk
  13. Ive seen the conversation pop up quite a bit recently, so I'd just figure I would ask. Which game do you prefer over the other and why? personally I dont see the flame behind fall guys, I've watched plenty of videos on it and I just don't see how an obstacle game is catching so much traction; I personally don't like those kind of games anyway, just my opinion and its also up to preference of what you like I much prefer among us, I feel like it takes a lot more strategy and planning, the game is mechanically fun and there is literally never a dull moment. I kind of prefer being a crewmember over an imposter because i suck at imposter plus I'm not that good at being a liar and making up cover stories on the spot doesn't ever work out for me

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