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  1. It wasn't even about the stupid ass ddos thing you did for me, it was you using my irl picture Not that I'm even that upset about it, because if i was otherwise I wouldn't have posted it in the first place, but to go to the point of using it as your avatar and spamming it across other discords, seems to go quite a great length to seek for attention. If anything you're just really fucking annoying and obnoxious, all you have to do is not act like an idiot, its really not that hard man, its all common sense. Im not giving a stance on if you should stay banned or be unbanned, but with how things went, I am not vouching for an unban. If you get unbanned, thats great, good for you, but just remember any ounce of decency or tolerance I have had for you up until this point is completely gone. goodluck with your appeal i suppose.
  2. literally cheating in comp while streaming not even 2 hours ago.. Denied; you've appealed earlier then the time that was given to you. Re-appeal in 2 weeks. appeal any sooner and you will be denied, again, and time will be extended.
  3. Wassup ye wanker @Oni
  4. Interview will be this Thursday 8 or 9 PM eastern @tie
  5. this is the gayest shit ive ever read
  6. Jensyl

    Hey, I'm Gay

    Congrats my dude, well deserved!
  7. Jensyl

    am green

    congrats alien man!
  8. Jensyl

    yellow now

    congrats woops
  9. @october ty for background fren
  10. Jensyl


    Training in MMA and taking law enforcement courses and yous still a bitch. Take it easy buddy, cya around
  11. Jensyl

    steppin down

    cya around fella.
  12. you're so not worth the trouble lmao Doing a real good job at building that relationship bud, you're not worth the trouble anyway, personally dont see any benefit having you unbanned again. you have some serious issues man, need to work on yourself, see a therapist.
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