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  1. Welcome to our forums
  2. bro i promise i got a bad trigger finger but i didnt shoot him i promise!!!111
  3. ayy merry birthmas

  4. eughhh.. jb players.. +rep man has been around for a long time, im sure he can handle the position
  5. Jensyl

    señor admino

    Congrats my dood
  6. ayy merry birthmas

  7. +rep mature enough to handle the position active, friendly, supportive. he will be a good addition to our admin team. I will also personally show up to this mans house if he goes dummy mode.
  8. Wasnt it decided previously that nobody from ya'lls "goon squad" or whatever ya'll retards called yourselves was, never to be unbanned by iCamp? correct me if im wrong though. also we already knew who you were sooo, lol
  9. 30 days won YEEE YEEE

    the littlest things make me happeh

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