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  1. Wouldn't even be in the situation if you didnt cheat. sucks but its how it is making another appeal because you're impatient isnt going to do you any good i expect you to not be a retard
  2. Gonna be MIA after sunday; going to the beach also working on finding my own place to get away from the toxic situation im in with my "family"

    its just sad the people that are supposed to be closest are snakes.

    cant even depend on my own family anymore so. :GIGALUL:

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Jensyl


      I hope so! working on shit.

      Its just sad when your own mom says she doesnt want anything to do with you unless you're either giving her money or doing shit for her :GIGALUL: is what it is. im bettering myself and cutting myself off from it

    3. Milky


      Good luck, i havent passed that stage yet, its life you gotta go further and dont stop.

    4. Poi poi Spartan

      Poi poi Spartan

      Time to start a gamer house am I right? I'm sure it'll work out fine.

  3. please be sure to take into consideration the severity of consequences that come with making threats such as these. (jokes or not; they will not be tolerated if said party feels like the threat is legitmate) I would suggest not doing so again otherwise you may not be welcomed back next time. appeal accepted, thread locked; welcome back.
  4. for once I finally see a decent appeal. seems sincere so +rep
  5. Jensyl


    Grappler. Baki.
  6. just add a kill barrier on the skyboxes of maps. boom fix
  7. -rep asking for reps faggotchamp
  8. +rep bout fuckin time. He can handle himself, he's more then capable
  9. Profile is just the regular gold theme, i had over 190k points tho LOL this was after i bought what i wanted
  10. Explain the ban evades; be honest and we'll go from there.
  11. Yep, you have a clean slate in your inventory just like everyone else. sorry for the inconvenience but nothing can/will be done about them.
  12. pftt.. robux lowkey like whoring inbound gimmie dat pin

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