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  1. Because its a ban, not a mute. Because your brother is a retard, seems like the apple doesnt fall far from the dumbass tree either. I was just showing you the reason why you got banned for a duplicate account. TLDR: OLD account still had a ban, warrented the new one.
  2. you were banned, again, most likely because of this. Hmm.. its like someone else is trying to get on, idk if I had to take a guess maybe kai? imo yall niggas 2 much trouble If your brother cant control himself and keep himself from playing after you already said he didnt have any interest in playing; I just think the best thing to do here is keep you banned and you find another community then again, if this isnt him; I dunno who else it could be trying to join off your IP. just in my opinion though.
  3. Jensyl

    New PC/Setup

    such a nice setup but such a bad player.. im jk fuck u tho
  4. a recommendation coming from you doesnt mean much POG. He's sincere and the appeal looks just fine from my point of view.
  5. cant do the time dont do the crime jokes aside, I dont see a reason to not unban you, I just feel like this appeal has hardly any effort put into it but its just imo. @Lawl opinion?
  6. Player has been muted for 2 days. Thanks for the report
  7. he seems decent from the little bit ive seen from him. staying neutral tho goodluck on ur app fam
  8. Jensyl

    yo its me

    Welcome to our forums
  9. stop being retarded thanks
  10. Ban appeal denied, re-appeal in 2 weeks while being honest about what you were doing; appeal any sooner and it'll get denied immediately
  11. You wanna know a good way of not getting banned, dont cheat???? If you were afraid of getting judged and all this other shit, you should've just played legit, regardless of your reasoning you knew what you were doing whenever you downloaded said cheat, so whether you feel bad about it now or not doesnt matter, because you've already used cheats; regardless if you've been banned man just be honest with us, trust me it makes it a lot less complicated for us and without the merry go round of bullshit we can get things done and have stuff dealt with a lot quicker. We basically already know the moment you get banned because sourcebans tells us everything. If you were banned for cheating should just be like "Damn I did cheat and I was using so and so and Im sorry" Just telling us outright without trying to hide anything is the best possible solution. Also usually just being truthful from the start, def helps your chances. Just because you were cheating doesnt always mean you dont have a chance to be welcomed back to our servers, you just have to be honest man. it goes a long way Before I do anything I'd like more community input.

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