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  1. Jensyl

    hey guys

    fazesanta haha yo
  2. Jensyl

    Forum Icons

    The rust server has only been up for lke ~3 weeks i think, so an icon wasnt really thought of yet but thanks!
  3. do fucking what? also you were banned a decent time ago for scripting, geforce has nothing to do with you being banned lmao.
  4. It was waived, since you know, forums are kinda in the grave.
  5. Can definitely be of good help managing the server, has more hours and knowledge of how rust works then even I do.
  6. Update : Map wipes every friday, no rads, random minicopter spawns so you dont just have to keep going to banditcamp to buy a heli, updated lootables, /home /tp /trade, kits have been made, max clan size 8, updated loot for heavy scientists. added sam-authorization plugin, updated tp timer.
  7. true but most bans apply, since my rust server is affiliated with SNG it will be considered an SNG server, so the bans will stay aswell.
  8. Server Wiped, Brand new map, world size is smaller, went from 3900 to 2800, BPs are kept for this wipe. Server will wipe Weekly now. next wipe will be a full wipe Map size may become smaller if needed until we get better pop.
  9. I worked countless hours trying to get this working the way it needs to be, If anyone finds any bugs or has suggestions for our server please let me know :) Glad I was able to set this up for you guys, Rust is really popular right now and I feel like it'd be a good addition to the servers.
  10. uwotsumfukm8

    1. Klitch


      ur weird bro gtfo my profile you slimy lonely bitch

    2. Jensyl


      I'll remember that next time i decide to be nice and visit ur dead profile on a dead forum >:(

  11. Jensyl


    oh hey its that guy that does things wassup
  12. just give me it so i dont have to launch cs thanks
  13. Jensyl

    Its time.

    Appreciate it guys 🙂 I’ll still be around, no worries! Also thanks for honorary!
  14. Jensyl

    Its time.

    Its been a long run boys, but personally I dont feel the motivation for cs anymore and honestly the community just isnt what it used to be, SNG has been a huge part in my gaming life, I've had a great time within SNG for the last 5+ years, I've made a lot of friends, and probably quite a few enemies as-well. I'd like to thank everyone in the community for giving me this opportunity, I've definitely enjoyed it. not gonna be @ing people because there's too many, but you know who you are. I'll still be around, I just don't feel like Im needed as an admin anymore. Once again, thank you guys, I couldn't have asked for a better community to be staff for, you guys are awesome. I hope SNG thrives once again in the future, until then this is where I part ways. Adios; my amigos. Hope all goes well, goodluck in future endeavors. https://steamcommunity.com/id/JensylSNG/ Feel free to add me if you aren't already, i'll stay in touch. Godspeed.
  15. Jensyl

    its been awhile

    long time no see kam.
  16. Jensyl


    congrats buddy! well deserved
  17. You know what we want but we cant have it.. give us bhop god damn it
  18. It wasn't even about the stupid ass ddos thing you did for me, it was you using my irl picture Not that I'm even that upset about it, because if i was otherwise I wouldn't have posted it in the first place, but to go to the point of using it as your avatar and spamming it across other discords, seems to go quite a great length to seek for attention. If anything you're just really fucking annoying and obnoxious, all you have to do is not act like an idiot, its really not that hard man, its all common sense. Im not giving a stance on if you should stay banned or be unbanned, but with how things went, I am not vouching for an unban. If you get unbanned, thats great, good for you, but just remember any ounce of decency or tolerance I have had for you up until this point is completely gone. goodluck with your appeal i suppose.
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