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  1. congratulations tie, you are gonna do great. Can't wait to see what you will do next
  2. +rep Played AWP with him for a long time and he cares about the servers and tries to better them. Has been a great admin and would make a great operator
  3. Congratulations tie, you deserve it man. Can't wait to see what you do in the future
  4. Known you for over 4 years, loved playing with you on awp and any of the other games we have played together. Keep in touch, hopfully I will see you around discord or the servers. Wish you the best of luck in your life
  5. Congratulations tie, ill have plastic mail you more airheads
  6. congrats mythin, keep up the good work
  7. +rep, koris is an active player and knows what he is doing
  8. Gonna miss you on the servers, hope to see you on the servers at some point
  9. miss you chikey, come back soon Even tho you suck at kz
  10. +rep, shroud is an active player who helps people when they need it. Would be a great admin You can add me to recs
  11. +rep, Zurr and i played awp together years ago, would make a good super Glad to see you back on awp
  12. +rep, yoseph would do very well as a kz super admin
  13. congrats spooky, you deserve it man. Hope to see you on kz aswell