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    I like long walks in the park.

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  1. Hell yeah. As an older member in both age and join date, I fully support the revival of this community and will gladly help in any way I can.
  2. happy birthday sesi with your buff ass winnie the pooh

  3. Happy birthday man 

  4. Happy birthday 

  5. Happy Birthday Brother :) 


  6. Happy Birthday!

    Shit I miss the old days on east

  7. Happy Birthday bro

  8. Happy Birthday cook

  9. Happy Birthday man

  10. I like when I am about to go to sleep and my room is cold, then I get under the covers and it's like paradise.
  11. I was there not that long ago, good luck! Hope you can find other things to do.
  12. -rep from me, you are friendly at times, but you do get mad sometimes and can be critical towards people's views. And, as others have stated, you have a sense of rushing into the chain of command. I definitely did not get any shortcuts when I started long, you should not as well.
  13. Best of luck man, I've been in your shoes before.
  14. Happy Birthday Ayu