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  1. personally doesn’t look like enough to warrant a ban imo, not completely confident but def not confident in a perm ban for that his flicks look sus but they completely miss, most of them hit walls and straight air, and the flicks back don’t go to the place where it started again, not super confident but I think more than 3 clips are needed for ban also I get you want to defend yourself but stop replying to everyone’s post pls, only makes u look worse gl with appeal
  2. i will be on the council
  3. Zarn

    dont read fuck you

    happy bday anus
  4. Zarn

    Merci SNG

    ty for everything big man
  5. Zarn

    I am yellow !

    grats negga 😎✌️
  6. please stop talking to me white man
  7. stop worrying about points so much it happens like once a map and adds a little variety. I get it’s annoying to die to a bad player cause of some rng but it really isn’t that bad
  8. Zarn

    free money

    thanks 🙂
  9. Zarn

    Pink time

    took you a damn while but gratz
  10. +rep can’t afford to have ygde come back so please give this to him...
  11. awp is one of the easiest to admin in terms of the app, I haven’t seen u on at all so can’t really say much but gl

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