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  1. i dont believe this is amanda not a single spelling mistake in the appeal FAKE
  2. haha another april fools joke haha
  3. -rep almost had Twistzz leave the server cause of yo cringe ass
  4. Zarn

    Awp Map *UPDATED*

    i would personally suggest higher ceilings because of the gravity and double jump, can be quite annoying with lowered ceilings on awp
  5. I would like a new keyboard for Christmas My dream CS:GO skin would probably be an awp medusa Quick lil awp clip v awp nutty 180 flick.mp4
  6. ye like I expected, he isn’t cheating all of the admins involved with this ban, please try to get more experienced with cheats and if you’re not sure, just ask more experienced admins please admin chat in discord is always willing to help
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