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  1. Zarn

    happy birthday my fav operator


    jk about the second part

    1. Isaac


      thanks my favorite super

      little text

  2. Zarn

    Best mouse

    deathadder for life
  3. i was kidding bro it just needs some adjustments and it'll look great
  4. I’m failing to see what you’re tryna say here
  5. guys be nice alright jk I can’t lie bro that shit looks like ass
  6. 1337th like went to you, well done lol

    Let's hope I can do what I promised

  7. Zarn

    AWP Tourney

    please don't make me facepalm even harder you're really comparing 3k and 5k to 150k????????????????????????????????????????????????? just up it a little bit, obviously people agree with me on this
  8. they should have setting to turn off same as auras and trails
  9. Zarn

    AWP Tourney

    yall are cheappppppp
  10. congrats buddddd
  11. you gonna leave your fellow gray namers like this bro...
  12. console doesn't lie buddy either admit it and apologize or this will get denied
  13. Zarn


    fuck you kam
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