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  1. Zarn

    [RUST] Giveaway

    I got interested by watching videos and seeing how fun it looked favorite activity is prob just gradually getting better loot
  2. quake isn’t on the server would like it to be added again tho :)
  3. everytime i get on it shows me the menu as soon as i join
  4. Zarn


    hello my Italian brudda
  5. I think @Noodlesssss was having this same problem idk if he got it fixed or not but thought it was worth a shot @ing him for you
  6. you were continuously shit talking even after he told you to shut up, and then you kept going in chat so i gagged you as well just try to not be as toxic/annoying and you're fine
  7. Zarn

    School Stress

    i mean if you need any motivation, focus on your schoolwork or you'll end up like this retard ^
  8. click more then click discord and boom ur invited bro crazy i know
  9. you are actually the biggest bitch for this
  10. https://streamable.com/hpuat basically, if you do around 97 damage or something around there, for some reason it takes it as you got the kill already so you are unable to finish the kill which can be p annoying so an ez fix would be nice, ty.
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