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  1. havent worked on music in awhile and was bored one night with my guitar.
  2. Patman denied the submission
  3. As comf has said, its not necessarily the fact whether you trace or not but the notion that most of your work is highly derivative of other artists’ specific styles and works. It’s sort of the reason while a good number of your works feels incomplete only just bordering on simple lineart to the point where I’m not really sure what your “style” is supposed to be. This is mainly due to the lack of compositional skills and how there are some proportion issues here and there. Regarding the logo submission, the requirements is that they had to be SNG theme and really other than the title doesn’t really match what we have. Keep it simple and without the effects and fluff to the art. A logo should match even just a blank background and be noticeable in a myriad of sizes
  4. Originally, my work space was meant solely for working and production so it ended being messy and boring. Decided to get a few new items to make it a little more prettier and simpler. Overall, still a bit boring but at least its clean. Post your setup over the years folks to see how's it changed over the time. 2015 2017 2019
  5. Your story isn't adding up. If you have somehow never been on the server before as well as this being your first time on the account, It doesn't make much sense for me to somehow ban you as I would have no idea who you would be if you weren't on the server because clearly I banned you with your specific name and steam ID. And since you are Ethanking04, you definitely know what scripting is. Lying doesn't help much here. IIRC you had macrodox stats that were pretty suspicious and confided in another admin about the stats. However, those were nearly 3 months ago since the ban and I'd realistically wouldn't have anything for it so other staff can decide whichever.
  6. From a price to performance ratio, the Blue Yeti is just alright but waaaay too overpriced for what you get in terms of value as well as being bulky for many setups. The Samson Meteor is considerably cheaper as well as being pretty competitive with its audio quality. Also being super small and compact is a huge plus. If you are looking for future proofing, having an XLR setup and audio interface, not a mixamp, would do you better in the long run as you can always swap out microphones or vice versa later on. The AT2020 is decent but tends to sound muddy with a lot of vocals. I personally use the AT2035 for casual use as it tends to be a bit clearer, though your mileage may vary. I also use the AT4040 for professional use, good mic but pricey for average users. An XLR mic that is great value for the price you pay is the Studio Projects B1 as it is pretty versatile. Thing to note with all of these microphones is that these are condensor microphones in a cardioid pattern meaning that it picks up sound from one side. These type of microphones are inherently are gonna be sensitive to shit in front of it. IF background is such a problem to you, dynamic mics would be more up your lane. Those pick up sensitivity from one source and reject all else but tend to be more gain hungry and depending one which one you have can suffer in clarity. RODE SM7b, Podcaster/Procaster, SM78 are popular choices for dynamic mics. Also don't listen to @Klitch (no offense), headsets suck absolute ass in terms of microphone quality unless they are broadcast studio headphones (though from what I've heard the VMODA BoomPro mic isn't terrible). It would still be economical to have a separate headphones (with many many many many cheaper and valued options around) and microphone with way better quality with both as you don't have to replace the whole product or upgrade each time when one shits the bed. Gaming headsets tend to hike up the price for average features.
  7. Patman

    Selfie Topic

    kinda old dont have super long hair like here but yeet @Jako fuck ur day
  8. Slays via the site should absolutely be necessary as offline bans aren’t always the best scenario when it comes to people who leave. Mass RDM and leave is an obvious ban but just one or two where the person probably won’t come back until the next day and the 30 min/ 1 day ban would expire by then anyways is where a couple slays would be good since they stick. Offline bans can make decent players, who make bad decisions, get a negative impression and leave the server permanently while a slay or two can make them more inclined to be careful and follow the rules a bit more since it’s just a few rounds. Maintains longevity of players and the server.
  9. Patman

    Questions .v3?

    ‣ What's the last thing you got mad about? I lost my keys for a couple days and throwing a little tantrum to myself before realizing its in my car whoops. ‣ What is something you have put-off doing? (procrastinated) Doing my hobbies like graphic design and video editing, depression tends to get in the way of that (but I'm feeling optimistic for the future rn!) ‣ What was your first job? - If you haven't had one, where would you apply for? Worked at Taco Bell when I was in high school to make some side cash so I can buy snacks. ‣ What brings the feeling of nostalgia to you? Hotpot during cold weather and watching a movie in the living room. Don't do much of both nowadays. ‣ Is there anything you are saving up (ya monies) for? Not necessarily saving, but working to either pay off my car and other obligations as well as accumulate an emergency fund when worst comes to worst, always good for just in case. A trip to Japan is in the works as well. ‣ What do you spend too much time doing? Sleeping and laying in bed. ‣ Paste whatever is on your clipboard! Or what, are you a little bitch? some excel spreadsheet stuff so me cannot paste ‣ What's the last news article you read? "Senate bill offers $22.75 billion for NASA in 2020 - SpaceNews.com"
  10. Patman


    While you should follow the format next time, seems like Wolf just got spooked when he saw you. You were still alive and you ended up killing him so that's all that needs to be done. RDM at least for this server implies killing someone. Accidents happen people make mistakes. I doubt Wolf who was a former admin would purposely try to RDM you. @brasican2004
  11. Didn't you just become admin like last month? While you are doing well as a normal admin, I feel like you should wait a bit instead of jumping at the open spot.
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