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  1. Patman


    While you should follow the format next time, seems like Wolf just got spooked when he saw you. You were still alive and you ended up killing him so that's all that needs to be done. RDM at least for this server implies killing someone. Accidents happen people make mistakes. I doubt Wolf who was a former admin would purposely try to RDM you. @brasican2004
  2. Didn't you just become admin like last month? While you are doing well as a normal admin, I feel like you should wait a bit instead of jumping at the open spot.
  3. Patman

    help (pls and ty)

    ur sound card probably died so rip get a new one nerd
  4. Patman


    amber alert
  5. Patman


    Please be specific and follow the format to resubmit.
  6. The dream is to be an editor of sorts. Have always prided myself on being skillful on a variety of things such as editing, graphic design, sound, etc. Whether I go to school for film or whether I don't, time will tell. Right now, having a good mental state and invest into myself is the goal.
  7. Patman


    Ast. Manager at CVS except its in the hood so we get some sus customers alot
  8. Patman

    Event Team App

    Damn I really gotta make another one leave too
  9. You have multiple bans before of you doing the same shit bro I dunno what you want us to do at this point dog, you're asking for it.
  10. my depression is reaching all time high
  11. Denied Quit dicking around
  12. Need three admin recommendations and one operator rec as said in person. Application denied.
  13. I'm gonna be real here, tbh you don't come off at all of realizing that you actually understand the context and view of both sides and just regurgitating what everybody has said like usual. Shots at least made a good attempt at understanding the others involved during the incident but however you here just come off as "nuh uh what about this". I'm going to lock this thread and let you both recollect on it. This is the last time I want to see another short hiatus only to have you do dumb shit again. Resolved.
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