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thyme last won the day on October 14 2018

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  1. @[IG] CHARMYANDER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! may be worth noting there isn't a surf server anymore
  2. thyme

    its my birthday :)

    happ gl0 day gamer,, very kind of uu
  3. An encounter (take 4 what u will): >server is on a "hard" map that no one can beat >u join and get the server to rtv, bc u "dont feel like running the map" understandable i guess cause no one on the server can run the map >u tell everyone to vote for a certain map, everyone listens cause the majority of players are brainless when it comes to map voting and listen to whoever speaks up on voice comms >the map switches and its a "very hard" map , i wonder if people will be able to run this map haha ! >does that seem a little selfish?, idk but what i do know is it definitely made me leave the server best of luck doe gamer
  4. Happy Birthday!

  5. happy birthday thyme

  6. Happy bday!

  7. happy day of birth :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  8. find the loml and acquire enough $ to live middle class going to uni for comp sci, so that should cover the $, hope i get lucky with the other part : )
  9. hbd @j3n 

  10. thyme

    Best mouse

    i went from g502 to g305. really easy and simple switch, having a lighter mouse is really nice for fps. not to mention its really cheap, def worth imo

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