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  5. In-Game Name: breezy. Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:105597967 Name of the Admin that punished you: Mango Reason why you got punished: Mutes/Gags Length of your punishment: Perm Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I was toxic in the past and just an all around annoying player to be around, I accumulated a shit ton of mutes over the period of the years I have been playing on these servers. I was immature and stupid, and I am sorry for that. Please consider taking off the perm silence, if you don't I understand.
  6. breezy

    Ban Appeal: breezy

    Ok. And if it brings up that I did say things that I don't recall saying like: calling king a pussy multiple times or saying "time to be toxic" then fuck me @Spookbibi sorry just felt like defending myself on my ban appeal, won't be posting anymore I appreciate all the kind words from the boys, ty
  7. breezy

    Ban Appeal: breezy

    I don't think I said the "time to be toxic" part, but I might of. And I said that specifically so that the admins that were on there knew I was on and that they could mute me.
  8. breezy

    Ban Appeal: breezy

    @KingjiN - the perm mute wasn't even my fault, my friend lied to and admin telling him I was being toxic (He's banned now) also I don't think I called you a pussy multiple times, but I was definitely saying some other stuff now that I think of it. I can't remember exactly the other stuff I said, but you're right it was stupid of me not to stop the first time you told me to
  9. In-Game Name: breezy Steam ID: STEAM_0:0:105597967 Name of the Admin that punished you: Kingjin Reason why you got punished: toxic Length of your punishment: Permanent Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I was joking around on the MC server during a time where @Rasqy and i think @Meow were arguing in chat about something. @KingjiN then went to say something like "stop arguing, I don't want to see it in chat", then me being the toxic asshole I am said "then don't look in chat pussy". Which I understand is not needed, for some reason I thought I was being funny, which I was not. I know I have a history of being toxic in the past (with my mutes), but I have actually took the time to change over the past month. I realized the mistake I made when I made it. I enjoy SNG's community and servers very much and I have been very bored without it. Please consider unbanning me i'm just tryna play some games on a good server fr. And I am sorry @KingjiN for calling you a pussy, it was unneeded and not funny at all. And I know I should NEVER talk to an owner, or even anybody in such a toxic way. I regret what I said to you deeply, and I hope you can forgive me.
  10. breezy


    there were 3 ppl on at the time, @malala) was in spec for the most of the time I was playing. @iggy is eric and we were in TS with each other the whole time. And the other guy on the server was basically screaming in his mic. So I figured we were all just messing around. It was like 3 am and I was half asleep. Sorry if this ruined ur experience on the servers @malala). Also I can't view the video download doesn't work for me /;
  11. breezy

    Appreciation Post

    what was the point of posting this. you got no likes and it just hurt my feelings
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