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  1. I think almost everyone agrees that redder is not cheating. I think he should be unbanned for now, and the punishment for cheating in minecraft be handled separately / in another appeal (if he is banned for it)
  2. forge


    1. Jako


      cute selfie sweetheart <3

  3. forge

    dont read fuck you

    happy bday frien hope u have a good one (:
  4. Great Moves! Keep It Up!
  5. forge

    this could be us but you playin :FeelsBirthdayMan:


  6. my disappointment is immeasurable and my day is ruined
  7. the proportions are excellent, the facial expression is extremely accurate, and the positioning of her arms are exquisite my main complaints are the noticeably squiggly and non-straight lines and the fact that her whole body is not in the frame 7/10
  8. bacon cheats I would also recommend occasionally running maps. Helps to take a breather from grinding LJs all the time and they can help improve your strafes / airpath / etc.
  9. -rep edgy, throws games, unbearable, toxic

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