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  1. not cool to joke like that, when i say to not do that.
  2. ART CONTENT OMAGHERD! 1. Miles Morales as Spider-Man 2. Red Power Ranger from Power Rangers in Space 3. Twitch from League of Legends, Banner included lol Don't try to take my art, and say its yours. Other than that hope you like them !
  3. 1. In game name: azulfifth 2. Steam id: STEAM_0:0:66587318 3. Do you have previous design experience?: Yes, i have been drawing since i was 14 4. Do you have a portfolio/examples of work you can show us?: https://www.instagram.com/zepolsketch/?hl=en all of my art is up on here 5. Reason why you feel you can be a designer: i feel i can be a designer, cause i love having a challenge, and just love to draw in general, and every artist has to start somewhere to get themselves going,and i believe that this will help me Here is my logo that i designed for my application
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