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  1. not cool to joke like that, when i say to not do that.
  2. ART CONTENT OMAGHERD! 1. Miles Morales as Spider-Man 2. Red Power Ranger from Power Rangers in Space 3. Twitch from League of Legends, Banner included lol Don't try to take my art, and say its yours. Other than that hope you like them !
  3. GIVEAWAY WINNERS! 1. @Mario 2. @Smegma 3. @Noodlesssss 4. @Df7 5. @Champi0n CONGRATS TO THE WINNERS! Remember to PM me what you want. Better luck next time to everyone else..
  4. things happened, sorry about that...
  5. ART GIVEAWAY OMAHGERD! I'll be drawing 5 winners as usually, the winners will receive a a 500x500 sketch of there favorite character/animal/or thing. To ENTER: 1. Comment if you have missed my art content, and why? 2. And tell which of my sketch pieces have you liked the most. 3. Rate my Venom piece 1-10 Winners will be drawn November 9th, if you are one of the winners remember to DM me what you want me to draw! Have FUN!, Love You Guys <3 Art Below: VENOM (Still A Work In Progress)
  6. PHAT + REP! ONLY 15 EVEN MORE AMAZING OMEHGERD, YOU SOUND LIKE YOU ARE 18 Anyways being more serious now, you are a really chill dude, and you know the rules really well, and i think you will be suited for this position. Goodluck FAM!
  7. -rep you haven’t really been active on jb lately, and you if you do come on is rare and you are only on for like an hr at most...and tbh you should wait a bit longer and most of your decisions that you are deciding to make are not needed in my opinion. sorry GL
  8. -rep you are barely active, I haven’t seen you on in months. Also in my opinion you are too immature to be in this position, you need to wait longer and actually become more active to show that you have changed.. Sorry GL
  9. HUGE +REP Boi knows the rules, and efforces when needed, he is also very friendly to all people even when some do not deserve it, so I feel like he will be well suited for this position. He will be a great addition :D GOODLUCK MAH DUDE!
  10. Just some new Song Covers I did recently, I hope you guys enjoy, and let me know what you think Solos: https://www.smule.com/p/32729610_1967044045 https://www.smule.com/p/32729610_1979229989 Duets: https://www.smule.com/p/32729610_1976235263 https://www.smule.com/p/32729610_1976242110
  11. Yea it has a intuos pen at the edge of his mouth, cause I use a drawing tablet to draw on my pc
  12. First One is Kirito from Sword Art Online Second One is just a random sketch I did that came out pretty good Third One is my new personal Logo, and it is bossin Hope you guys like them, Love ya <3
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