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  1. The problem still persists. :( I miss awping. Occasionally I can connect to maps without a problem but most of the time I can't. My awp_fort tower :(
  2. Didn't work. Thanks for the suggestion. I disabled it but it the error still persists. This was the only thing i had previously not done from the suggestions listed above by others. Thanks.
  3. https://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198026897179/screenshot/762723517663511294 This error started happening last week. It was only a few community maps at first, I could still connect the awp server and now I can't. I've verified game files, and reinstalled csgo. No luck, any help would be appreciated.
  4. The only thing worse than your decision making is your awping and movement.
  5. Cabbage

    Ban Appeal: trey

    +rep was a little kid now a smol man
  6. Majority of the demo didn't seem suspicious to me. He was peeking and holding angles like an average player. Only at around 5-7:30 mins is what I found suspicious, his peeks were irregular, he didn't have information about the presence of the players in those locations ( I'm basing this off the radar not working correctly when you're alive on fort. I don't know if it does.). Edit: Imo, this isn't sufficient evidence for a ban.
  7. Cabbage

    It's ya boi!

    Yo welcome back, it cabbage from back in day on TS.
  8. I think it was because of people committing suicide so they don't lose their points. I agree it should be removed.
  9. I don't think I've ever seen it being abused in the AWP server but then again SNG is more than just the AWP server. I say it should get removed if the feature of admin relay is actively being responded to, keep that as a primary action for players in the server to report. On the other hand I do see the admin relay get useless reports.
  10. DMG now was global before my injury. I don't remember my esea rank, was probably shit.
  11. Applying for Awp Central 1.In game name: Death By Cabbage 2.Steam id: STEAM_1:1:33315725 3:Name of admin recommending you: @B0xerZ @MERICA @Jako @Jensyl @Santa @DeathShadow @Zurr 4:What age are you (Minimum 16): 23 5:Reason why you think you will be a good admin: I was an admin a long time ago, I still assist in enforcing server rules while retaining a friendly server environment. I do and will continue to provide helpful tips to new comers about the server, making their experience more enjoyable and hopefully turning them into regulars. 6:What server are you
  12. +rep super chill guy, really fun to play with. Makes the server a more enjoyable place.