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  1. yea nah +rep on my mans, chill unless bantering around, have had ups and downs with him a little (pretty much were my fault though) but ya good luck mans. (would probably be a good admin) Also I'll vouch for xen that he had absolutely no involvement in the issues between boxers and the people from my other friends, can't say anything about the ttt issue though.
  2. Wouldnt matter whether sng closed or was still up, everything would stay the same, only thing that'd change is i couldnt piss the admins off, but all in all i wouldnt be phased by it (probably would give me an excuse to stop pc gaming all together and get my life together)
  3. One of the only admins i can say i actually like. Although you always abused me and called me an Australian. He was a straight real one and still is, finna message me saying you ain't dead my man. And you finna join discord time to time (i'll make a special appearance there just for you <3). love you big dog <33 you needa stop abusing me.
  4. @Winny,@Feeze and me waifu @DeathShadow (he'll abuse me if i dont mention him) Forgot to add myguy @Woodsy :^)
  5. hold up, @DeathShadow made a team, who the hell is on his team @Winter
  6. Not sure an admin can give said person a warning just because you think he's an asshole. And the spamming thing is your problem, if you take your time to mention it on the forums, block the kid or unfriend him. (dependent if this is on steam, or pm on forums)
  7. honestly, i dont think its a bug, unless its extremely extremely extremely uncommon to happen, like a billion to one chance then sure, but the vpn thing does make sense, the other things sadboi said i probably will stay neutral on the time he plays ect, im not on enough to notice it, or care to notice. Although i dont really think he's cheating all too much (although sometimes he does some shady things) but ya i think he's just using a vpn
  8. he was just adding to the conversation no need to be a dick, another could be, what if Ivan was the faggot being pointed at?
  9. +rep on dis man, he's always on whenever i pop on, and is very well liked by everyone, and is a very kind and approachable person good luck on your tingy ting my man
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