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  1. i miss you kazma, you gotta hop by jens disc sometime and chill, i love you a lot
  2. i love you... see you after work :>

  4. you a bitch, but you a cute bitch love you bby
  5. +rep, pois been apart of sng as long as i have. hes liked/loved by pretty much everybody hes encountered. in my opinion he prolly shouldve had this position a long time ago, goodluck cutie :*
  6. big big +rep, i've known poi for a very very long time, and the amount of care he has for sng as a whole is more than most people i've ever seen. he's active asf and kind to everybody he interacts with, definitely admin worthy, he do be hella cute though too lowkey would smash hmu o.o love you bbyg GOOODLUCK!!!
  7. +rep I don't really play kz, but all of my run ins with yoseph are always the best, he always makes the servers lively and actually enjoyable. he knows the rules and enforces them when needed. I've never really seen anybody not have a good time with him you gotta play on awp sometime I miss you bby ): goodluck cutie
  8. stap looking so cute kazzy
  9. fgt didnt even tag me , but you're a cool kid, miss bantering around with you on the servers/discord ect, goodluck in life cutie, message me sometime :*
  10. this kid is retarded, and annoying. bad at deagle but i like that (kidding he's pre cool/chill majority of people i've seen on awp absolutely love lloyd) +rep
  11. ayy lmao, bout time this kids gone