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  1. booboo

    Past iCamp

  2. +rep he knows the rules and is active
  3. booboo

    Team Noface

    XD @Archer i was messing around Queen and i were messing with you
  4. +rep great person would be a great admin
  5. Application Format 1.In game name:queen 2.Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:120963523 3.Name of admin recommending you:idk 4.What age are you (Minimum 16)-Age=15 5.Reason why you think you will be a good admin:He is on almost every day and he knows the rules he doesnt brake the rules and he is a good person that is known and loved 6.What server are you most known in: JB
  6. He has free killed many times and doesnt listan to the wardens orders on ct That i have seen
  7. 1.In game name: Booboo 2.Steam ID:STEAM_0:0:79230306 3.Name of admin recommending you: @LAWL& @Tittbutts McLairne 4 age:15 turning 16 feb 22 5.Reason why you think you will be a good admin: I have been playing on SNG for about a year I know the rules and I play for about 2 hours a day on jailbreak. The reason I want to be an admin is because I play on the server a lot and there not that many admins on that play on the week days for that long and the server turns to cancer when they get off. Not very many people follow the rules when there's no admins on and its takes the fun out of playing it. I try and help to the best of my ability but it doesn't work. That's why I want to be an admin 6.What server are you most known in: Jailbreak
  8. Football sucks all about basketball
  9. booboo

    Ban Appeal

    Shouldnt joke around with that stuff
  10. @sleepy this proble wont help b/c people are just dumb and wont follow the rules no matter what
  11. People should read the rules so they dont cry 24/7 about getting free killed
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