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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. zeneX

    Ban Appeal: zeneX

    In-Game Name: zeneX Steam ID: STEAM_1:1:88752950 Name of the Admin that punished you: No clue Reason why you got punished: No clue Length of your punishment: No clue Reason why the punishment should be lifted: Banned the wrong player, impersonator was hacking not me I was just sitting spectate.
  3. I can sub for west if some foo aint availible. I trust my nigga FrostGay gonna do some crazy shit outta his retirement on infamous snow or fort O.o
  4. @DeathShadow yea finally using the forums and glad to be here! Thanks for the welcome Death, its always a pleasure seeing on the server since you seem like one of the chillest people around tho I don't talk much and only listen to conversations happening. @Pedro Deuces thanks Pedro! Don't know you that well but every time you come on West you make quite the appearance with the legendary Co-Owner tag and I think it was the electricity zap effect every kill you get which happens about every half second. @owo_Kek_owo Haha sorry my dude. Guessing that your also from BC Canada? Good to see another player who lives in the same beautiful province. Thanks for the welcome Kek not a weeb.
  5. @KingjiN yea took a while haha. Good to see you KingjiN, you've always been a chill guy with that stylish steam profile page and new section in your steam name everyday. Oh and those times back in pickapoops discord server haha old times.
  6. @thyme thanks thyme! Hmm honestly I don't remember its been far too long. I just put May 2014 since I've been on as far back as I remember and my first server. Haha still remember I was silver 1 when I first got on had a lower K/D than 0.1. CSGO was the game I got the first day I joined Steam and I'm getting my three year badge in a couple of days on May 23 2017. You may be right though since the earliest ban I see is March of 2015 though I find it hard to believe or perhaps I just don't want to remember that I was silver 1 for a whole 10 months :'((((. Sorry for my mistake if it is so. Anyways thanks for the welcome thyme. The admin team, people like you are who keep me playing and enjoying the servers. Keep up the good work my dude!
  7. @King Louie thanks man see that you're always putting in work and getting people to do these intros. Really appreciate all the work you do man, keeping the servers positive. <3 @Frost thanks Frost! yea hes a great admin and player. Don't know you much but I look forward to seeing you on server and forums! @zrm thanks zrm, don't see you much as I know you play East but every time you've come on West or when I get on East I've enjoyed watching you destroy everyone on the server including me tho :/ @Codified hey I know you too! Never talked to you much but you've always seemed pretty chill thanks for the warm welcome. Still enjoy watching that anime girl run around with those crazy flicks and noscopes, half the time while still in the air. Sad that you switched to being Super for TTT if I'm not mistaken. Good luck with being Super for TTT. Still come visit west from time to time. @Chava haha sorry for taking those points mah man. Anyways thanks for the welcome Chava, good seeing you around. @forge oh hey another Canadian weeb. Glad to have another fellow Canadian here, oh and yes hello friend.
  8. Hmm feels weird doing this almost two and a half (corrected by thyme) years late. Anyhow I'm Faggot Canadian zeneX and I've playing Awp West some time after May 2014 when I first got CSGO. I'm 17, live in the beautiful province of British Columbia. Just realized I live couple minutes from the other faggot Canadian pickapoop. I'm somewhat a weeb and if you want to talk about this seasons anime I'm down. Imma get Destiny 2 on PC through Battle.net if anyone wants to hit me up then. If you want you can add me on these. Steam: http://steamcommunity.com/id/zeneX__ Battle.net Tag: zeneX#11316 Uplay Username: zeneX_ Yea thats about it. Glad to part of this community! Oh yea and referred to do this by @King Louie a great admin.
  9. zeneX

    zeneX Ban Appeal

    1.zeneX 2:STEAM_0:1:88752950 3:No Idea 4:Probably the no Nudity/Porn Rule for sprays 5:Permanent 5:Hi, I got permanently banned on from using custom sprays I presume due to the no Nudity/Pornography rule. The picture I uploaded (attached below), is definitely suggestive in tone and I completely understand if it is not appropriate for the SNG community and for that I sincerely apologize. However, I would really like a second chance as I did not know that my image was bannable since it does include nudity and checking back on the initial post about the spray update Mr. Derp said that lingerie was fine and I thought mine would be too. I hope the admin team would consider removing or perhaps lightening my ban on using sprays. Thanks and sorry!

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