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  1. Blur


    Oh yea and risky. king of course
  2. Blur


    Me, Garry, and Nutela are the course gods of sng
  3. Happy Birthday!

  4. Happy Birthday G!

  5. Really don’t care about that ban at this point just care about how she favorites people.
  6. Except he was the one ghosting the entire time. You had one guy complain about it. And then these weirdos start to rdm. It was mythin and elegy. And they don’t get banned at all. At the start of most rounds everyone would call a kos on me no matter if I was innocent or not, and they still just never got banned. I called a kos on nick cus yes I memed one time, and Blake did it probably a million times that’s all I’m sayin
  7. Lmao just stop talking. Multiple people were rdming and this comf girl wouldn’t do shit about it. She would always let it slide without any problems at all. And one person complained about it and everyone in the server was in on it. She even said it herself “it’s 2am who cares what you guys do.” The 2 people rdming were mythin and some other guy named elegy always rdming. She didn’t ban Blake for some odd reason, probably favoritism but I really don’t know.
  8. 1) Admin's in game name(s) - comf? 2) Steam ID(s) of reported admin(s) just don't know that 3) Reason for report being made - false bans 4) Evidence against admin(s) being reported - don't have any So me, @Nick_ and @Tomato were just chillin on ttt at 2am with the people on the server. At the start of each round everyone would joke aroound and say "kos nickypoo!!" as an obvious joke to legit everyone on the server, and apparently someone complained and me and nick get banned for ghosting, don't think that is what ghosting is at all either. Apparently there is evidence of us
  9. Lmao aren’t you some like random sk player nobody likes. I’m bronze but I’m silver elo. Played with randoms for my placements so I got fucked. Just add my faceit or msg me on discord
  10. Was wondering if any boys played battalion at all. If you wanna hmu and come play with me and some older sng admins. pm me whenever im almost always on. add me on faceit: Blurredd discord: .blur#6666 *dont delete this for shitposting it aint no shit post*
  11. Don’t use an awp

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    2. Lemonade^


      but i love when nobodies and trash players like blur talk to me about awping when these kids are hard stuck novas. YOU HAVE NEVER TOUCHED CLIENT IN UR LIFE

    3. Blur


      No I just don’t play a free to play game OMEGALUL you dumb fucking. Nobody wants to play that shithole game when every game you play there’s a fucking cheater. Go tell your dad to kiss you extra hard tonight when you go to bed

    4. xen



  12. I like how I log in for the first time in forever and see this. He is he furthest thing from a cheater, I’ve been playing with him for a long time and is by far the worst sk player I’ve ever seen (same with rust) but everyone has been so hung up on this shit ever since he got banned, all it’s been is back and forth. Unban the little innocent black kid love you boring ❤️
  13. Isn’t this like your only nuclear, you’re fucking dogshit at this game you fucking scrub loser. OOOOOHHHHH MY NAME IS “HanzoMain”. Go play OW you fucking piece of shit. Fuck that was good I’ve been waiting to say that