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  1. Happy Bday!

  2. Happy birthday brother :)

    rly miss ya, come stop by awp and say hello <3 

  3. Happy birthday G!

  4. I agree with Hachi, the color scheme will cause eye strain. Mario is already hard on my eyes, although I am older than most. Glad to see someone making new maps, but try adding things next time, like mario, or the dust2 skin FWS. Just gotta be careful with the reskins, adding too much can cause issues. The princess map comes to mind. FWS is a good start, but I think a new close quarters map would be fun.
  5. Jarvis2386 Get your boy Jarvis famous! twitch.tv/jarvis2386
  6. Happy Extremely Late Birthday, hope you had a wonderful week.

    1. Jarvis


      Thank you bro! It was pretty good

  7. Thank you for the birthday wishes fellas!

    1. Douglas


      lubya big sexy


  8. Happy bday

  9. Happy birthday :D

  10. jarvis happy birthday buddy!!!!

  11. happy born day 

  12. Happy birthday man!

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