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  1. cute avi broslice aha

  2. Animal Crossing: New Horizons Super Smash Bros: Ultimate The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild Fire Emblem: Three Houses Luigi's Mansion 3 In my opinion, these are the five best games that I could think of immediately.
  3. Hello! I'm here to inform you guys about the community testing of the Zombie Escape server that will be coming to SNG. This will be a fairly short post to just let you guys know about the basics of what will be going on. Outline This is a community test session being ran by @ Diam0ndz (using @ Rachnus' untouched and unchanged code) in order to see what final changes need to be made to the server, obtain the community's feedback, and to correct any bugs that are found while there is a population on the server. When Testing will take place on Saturday, April 4th at 1pm PST (4pm EST). Needed Info Please join this Discord server for Zombie Escape if you would like to get any further information and to get the password to join the server. The password to join the server will be given out on the day of testing (April 4th). The IP to the server is: Again, the password will be given out in the Discord server linked above on the day of testing. Happy testing!
  4. Let's see: To start, you're taking it out of the bag by the handful instead of pouring like a normal human being. As you take it out by the handful you drop some of it everywhere, creating a mess. You MICROWAVED. YOUR. CEREAL. You microwaved it for 1:30. You uploaded all of this with a half-a-gig video in 4k. To be completely honest I am offended on every possible level right now. The only thing you did correctly in that video was put your cereal into the bowl first and then poured your milk afterwards.
  5. All I really care for is that profile backgrounds come back.
  6. +1 Azecko +1 Klitch +1 Ducky Hard choice but I'ma have to go with Ducky.
  7. Hello everyone, To start, on behalf of the event team as a whole, we would all like to apologize to you guys for the extreme lack of any events within recent times. Due to some behind-the-scenes changes on the staffing end of things and confusion surrounding the team in general, we were unable to create and push as many events to you as we would have liked to. Now that that has been taken care of, I would like to take this opportunity while I have your attention to clear some confusion for you guys as well. As of recently, I, The Underused Character, have taken the position of Event Team Leader. I, along with each of the members below, would like to start creating interesting and engaging events from now on. Officially, the other members of the event team currently are as follows: @Ballistic Bacon, @Patman, @rage, @Sixredfish, @Legendm8, and @The Golden Medic. This is certainly subject to change at any time should there be any worthy applicants. Before we get to the actual event, there are many thanks to give to the people who helped make this event possible. The first and biggest thanks to give is to @KING KAZMA for not only providing the team with the idea for the event, but also for funding the entire prize pool for this event. Be sure to give him a huge thanks for this event, he definitely deserves it. Some more people to thank are @ Diam0ndz for helping out a lot with this event while not being an *official* member, @ proobs for helping with putting the plugin on the server, and @ Hachi and @rage for the original rough draft of this post. Now, let's get on with the main reason you all are likely here for - the AWP event. Outline This will be a server-wide AWP event (bar non-prime players) and it will span the entire month of March. The objective will be to get the most kills on the server in the span of the event being active. This will be tracked by a plugin made by @ proobs that is separate to the current gameME leaderboard in order to prevent a reset so close to the previous one, and it will track only the kills of each prime-status player on the server. At the end of the time period, the top 3 players with the most kills who have followed the rules of the event will be selected to receive their respective prize. Rules 1. Any player who wishes to participate in this event MUST be on a prime account. Non-prime accounts are ignored in the leaderboard tracking and will not be able to compete at all in the event. 2. Participants are able to have only ONE (1) account present among the top winners. This ensures that no person gets two prizes, and that nobody else gets pushed out of the winnings by this second account. 3. At the end of the event, the people in the top three positions (the winners) are to make their accounts public if they are not already. Should one of the winners be found to be playing on a smurf/alternate account instead of their main without a severely justifiable reason, they will have their spot filled instead by the player immediately after them. For example, should the third place winner end up being a prevalent AWP server member playing on a smurf account they will have their win voided, and instead the fourth player on the leaderboard will take their spot. Repeat this process as many times as necessary. 4. ALL SNG AWP server specific rules, alongside ALL general SNG rules apply to this event. While there will be some leniency given as far as event qualification goes, any constant and/or over the top rulebreakers will be disqualified from this event. Prizes 1st Place - Most Kills - $100 CAD gift card (Roughly $75 USD) 2nd Place - $75 CAD gift card (Roughly $56 USD) 3rd Place - $50 CAD gift card (Roughly $37 USD) All funding for this prize pool was from @KING KAZMA, so a huge thanks to him. When Starting tomorrow on Saturday, February 29th 2020, the tracking for kills will begin. I will post an update post on this to say the exact time at which kills begin getting tracked. The event will run through the entire month of March, and will end at some point on Wednesday, April 1st. Again, I will post another update post on this thread to announce when kills are no longer getting tracked. Start - Saturday, 2/29/20 End - Wednesday, 4/1/20 For my closing remark, I would like to say good luck and have fun to all who are participating.
  8. Welcome everyone, enjoy your time spent here. I promise we aren't as bad as this thread makes us look. :^)
  9. How have you been?

  10. MUAH MUAH Congrats homie ily <3
  11. Congratulations to Zarn for winning this giveaway!
  12. Love the thread. I'm going to follow the layout you did w/ honorable mentions and then the top 10. Honestly, for my top 10 it's just in the order that I could think of today as far as favorites go. Any other day any of them could be in any position on the top 10. Honorable Mentions Distance Over Time - Dream Theater Mood Ring - Hot Flash Heat Wave Stuffed & Ready - Cherry Glazerr Pretty Buff - Angel Du$t SO WHAT? - While She Sleeps Slice of Life 2 - cute girls doing cute things PUNK - Chai Help Us Stranger - The Raconteurs Pony - Rex Orange County In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights - The New Pornographers 10. Fear Inoculum - TOOL ◦ Progressive Rock/Metal ◦ Alternative Metal ◦ 9. 夜韻 Night Tempo - Night Tempo ◦ Future Funk ◦ Dance ◦ Electronic ◦ 8. Chronologic - Caravan Palace ◦ Electronic ◦ Jazz ◦ 7. Void Walker - GHOST DATA ◦ Dance/Electronic ◦ 6. Ulfilas' Alphabet - Sundara Karma ◦ Indie Pop ◦ Art Rock ◦ 5. Twelve Nudes - Ezra Furman ◦ Indie Rock ◦ Rock ◦ Folk ◦ 4. Morbid Stuff - PUP ◦ Pop Punk ◦ 3. Close It Quietly - Frankie Cosmos ◦ Alternative/Indie ◦ 2. Scene - cute girls doing cute things ◦ Electronic ◦ 1. Jinx - Crumb ◦ Indie Rock ◦

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