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  1. happy birthday OG

  2. Whatever you do, don't use it. Don't go to the dark side. (it is +strafe though: "bind <key> +strafe")
  3. gir is the best boyfriend a man like me could ask for. He's there for me at night after a long day of working absolutely ready to treat me like a king, he knows how to cook a perfectly done beef wellington for those special nights, and most important of all he can really get in everywhere if you know what I'm sayin. Anyone would be lucky to have him in their life and I truly hope those of you with prejudices against him can come to see the angel I see in him every day of our relationship. In all seriousness though I genuinely do think gir is a nice person to have around and be unba
  4. Congrats partner! If you ever need anything don't be afraid to ask.
  5. Okay every time this question has been asked I always go overboard with the answer. The short answer? I'd love to have all of the powers that Magneto has due to its many applications outside of just "oo metal go brr". The long answer? I hate to be "that guy" but most powers found in media suck when applied to the real world sciences. Invisibility? Good luck with not being able to see. Super speed? Enjoy a little bit of self-immolation and whiplash now and then? Cause I don't. Teleportation? Telefragging yourself on accident sounds like a fun way to either kill yourse
  6. Goddang I can't believe I almost missed this post. Best albums of ____ best post each year on GOD. Anyways, here goes. HONORABLE MENTIONS Rina Sawayama - Sawayama Machine Girl - U-Void Synthesizer TORIENA - PURE FIRE Caroline Rose - Superstar Vundabar - Either Light Daoko - Anima Also @natfood house - food house is so freakin good. TOP 10 #10. Jason is - Beach Nites Favs: Victoria Weather, No Diving, Valentine's Day God I hate Irrational; if that song didn't exist this album would be higher.
  7. ok
  8. Here's my desktop and what it usually looks like with and without Wallpaper Engine/Rainmeter. With: Without (usually what it looks like 99% of the time since I close WE/Rainmeter on startup more often than not):
  9. Easily one of the best videos in SNG 2020 thank you Wooper. grats ily
  10. My personal top three (in no particular order as they change around depending on when you ask me) are: Mawile. Absolutely adorable? Check. Turns into a freakin nightmare with their mega evolution? Check. Smeargle. I dunno what does it with this funky dude but I really like them. Buizel. They were the first shiny I ever caught (outside of Valley Windworks in DPP, I still remember) and who doesn't love a Buizel cmon. If we expand to top 5, I'd likely include Zangoose (bonus points if shiny) because they were my childhood favorite as well as Totodile because the
  11. Character

    ios14 btw

    Up until about a week ago I had the same screen for both my lock and home screen on my iPad but I changed it to something new while bored with no internet. Anyways here's my screen for both my iPad and my phone. All artwork is from Houseki no Kuni. Sorry for big post! This is what was originally both of my screens but now it's just my lock screen. low res phos aaand here goes my phone screens