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  1. Here's my desktop and what it usually looks like with and without Wallpaper Engine/Rainmeter. With: Without (usually what it looks like 99% of the time since I close WE/Rainmeter on startup more often than not):
  2. Easily one of the best videos in SNG 2020 thank you Wooper. grats ily
  3. My personal top three (in no particular order as they change around depending on when you ask me) are: Mawile. Absolutely adorable? Check. Turns into a freakin nightmare with their mega evolution? Check. Smeargle. I dunno what does it with this funky dude but I really like them. Buizel. They were the first shiny I ever caught (outside of Valley Windworks in DPP, I still remember) and who doesn't love a Buizel cmon. If we expand to top 5, I'd likely include Zangoose (bonus points if shiny) because they were my childhood favorite as well as Totodile because they're an absolute cutie and a true homie in the anime. EDIT - Freakin Ataria too I LOVE me a cloud dragon.
  4. Character

    ios14 btw

    Up until about a week ago I had the same screen for both my lock and home screen on my iPad but I changed it to something new while bored with no internet. Anyways here's my screen for both my iPad and my phone. All artwork is from Houseki no Kuni. Sorry for big post! This is what was originally both of my screens but now it's just my lock screen. low res phos aaand here goes my phone screens
  5. hbd character 

  6. omgg happy bdayyy char :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  7. This playlist has all of the OPs/EDs that immediately came to mind as being ones I absolutely love. Also, since I couldn't add it to the playlist cause screw Youtube, pretend this song is in there too. It is in no way shape or form ordered as far as "favs at top" or anything like that, I just tried to put the similar genres together so it wasn't super jarring when listening to the playlist (jazzy all together, metal together, etc.). I tried using the full version of the songs as well, but the animation is often times part of what makes me love them so much so if you like the song I'd check out the actual OP too. As far as my actual top 5 goes here's the order: 1. "Kyoumen no Nami" by YURiKA. (Houseki no Kuni OP). I just absolutely love everything Houseki no Kuni. It's my favorite manga by far, the anime is beautiful, the OP has absolutely stunning animation, and to top it all off a great song alongside it. 2. "Aku no Hana" by Uchujin. (Aku no Hana OP1-4). While this is *TECHNICALLY* 4 separate openings, each of them can be strung together to make one fluid song. Each of the first three openings are sung by one of the main characters and the tone, lyrics, instrumentals, EVERYTHING goes along perfectly with how that character is. To be specific, my favorite one of the 4 is the first one which is sung by the character Sawa Nakamura from the story, and it is genuinely her personality perfectly transferred to song form. Aku no Hana is probably in my top 3 mangas, and while the anime is a lackluster adaptation the OPs were a genuinely great part to come from the adaptation. 3. "Dancing Star" by Izumi Kobayashi. (Urusei Yatsura OP 2). An absolute staple of 80's anime and 80's anime music. Truly not much to say about this other than this song is just an uplifting banger. If I didn't have this here, I'd put Lum no Love Song (OP1) here instead for the same reasoning. 4. "Deal with the devil" by Tia. (Kakegurui OP1). I'm just love jazzy anime openings what can I say? In all honesty though the chaotic jazzy nature of this song perfectly captures exactly what goes down in the anime. An insane song for an insane anime. 5. "Inkya Impulse" by Hina Kino, Rika Nagae, Konomi Kohara feat. Ikepy & KSKN. (Asobi Asobase ED). I cannot get over how much I love the animation for this one. For some reason the style on it just vibes with me perfectly. Also, the music goes hard as hell which I love for a comedy anime with such a soothing opening. OPs/EDs that you wouldn't expect to go with the anime (Flyers and Death Parade for example) make me like them just as much as ones that fit perfectly. Thanks for the post! Long answer from me since I had nothing better to do. :^)
  8. can confirm I vibe to this a lot. keep it up with the good and interesting music brother
  9. i hate gir with a passion (love u babe) but this seems like a fun idea so if it ends up getting enough traction let's gooo ign: Underused I would play. :)
  10. This is my comment in order to enter the giveaway. Also, since you didn't read the guidelines for giveaways that was posted literally yesterday, I went ahead and edited out the "and like" part for your entry requirements. For future reference you cannot ask for likes in order to enter a giveaway.
  11. I poured myself a bowl of cereal for breakfast but when I went to the fridge I saw something that shook me to my core... we were all out of milk.
  12. Congrats my fren, ly and well deserved. <3
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