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  1. Congratulations to Zarn for winning this giveaway!
  2. Love the thread. I'm going to follow the layout you did w/ honorable mentions and then the top 10. Honestly, for my top 10 it's just in the order that I could think of today as far as favorites go. Any other day any of them could be in any position on the top 10. Honorable Mentions Distance Over Time - Dream Theater Mood Ring - Hot Flash Heat Wave Stuffed & Ready - Cherry Glazerr Pretty Buff - Angel Du$t SO WHAT? - While She Sleeps Slice of Life 2 - cute girls doing cute things PUNK - Chai Help Us Stranger - The Raconteurs Pony - Rex Orange County In The Morse Code Of Brake Lights - The New Pornographers 10. Fear Inoculum - TOOL ◦ Progressive Rock/Metal ◦ Alternative Metal ◦ 9. 夜韻 Night Tempo - Night Tempo ◦ Future Funk ◦ Dance ◦ Electronic ◦ 8. Chronologic - Caravan Palace ◦ Electronic ◦ Jazz ◦ 7. Void Walker - GHOST DATA ◦ Dance/Electronic ◦ 6. Ulfilas' Alphabet - Sundara Karma ◦ Indie Pop ◦ Art Rock ◦ 5. Twelve Nudes - Ezra Furman ◦ Indie Rock ◦ Rock ◦ Folk ◦ 4. Morbid Stuff - PUP ◦ Pop Punk ◦ 3. Close It Quietly - Frankie Cosmos ◦ Alternative/Indie ◦ 2. Scene - cute girls doing cute things ◦ Electronic ◦ 1. Jinx - Crumb ◦ Indie Rock ◦
  3. i am commenting on this thread in order to enter the giveaway
  4. Hello all! It's time yet again where Spotify wrapped gives you a ton of interesting stats on your music history for the year. I look forward to this a ton every time it comes around so I thought some of you out there might be interested as well. Also, if I remember correctly, a post was made on this last year or the year before and I thought that was a great post so might as well bring it back. Feel free to share what you want on this post, if anything at all. I'll personally just be sharing some of my favourite stats from the year. Apologies in advanced for the image spam - I really do love music stats. Here's the website. Volume warning in advanced. Wrap your images within [ spoiler ] tags (no spaces) so it isn't cluttered.
  5. Character

    Free Skins

  6. In no particular order (since it's hard as hell for me to rank these): Serial Experiments Lain Mob Psycho 100 Haibane Renmei Houseki no Kuni Hunter x Hunter Mononoke Steins;Gate Texhnolyze Ergo Proxy Gakkou Gurashi! Chihayafuru Kimi ni Todoke Movies: Koe no Katachi Perfect Blue Paprika Kizumonogatari Trilogy Tenshi no Tamago
  7. I can't get over how much I love Adventure Time. It's probably one of my favourite shows of all time (out of anime, cartoon, live-action, ANYTHING) and everything about it is just so good. It's incredibly funny all throughout (to me at least), has some of the greatest characters out there, has the perfect blend of humour and not taking itself seriously while still having an actual story to tell with serious and emotional times, and a ton more in my opinion. Also - hot take - it has one of the most satisfying endings of a television show out there. It ties up pretty much every loose end you could think of and answers tons of questions that were left open in such a satisfying way. The soundtrack is also amazing. Alright that's enough of me geeking over Adventure Time. Some other cartoons that I still love to watch today: Regular Show The older SpongeBob seasons The Marvelous Misadventures of Flapjack The Amazing World of Gumball Teen Titans Stephen Universe OK K.O.! Gravity Falls
  8. This happened to me once when my iPod broke and I had no device for it. All I did was remove the authenticator for the time being that I had no way to access it from the Steam website and then change my password so it logged me out of any places I was logged into. Added it back asap once I got a new device. Might work for you too so you don't have to take a break if you're willing to remove it temporarily.
  9. Both are bad but out of the two BK << . :)
  10. I went ice skating for the first time in my life with a group of friends and while I was skating around I was using one of those plastic trainers for the newbies. I managed to somehow fall so hard still that I threw the trainer about 3 feet in front of me right into one of my friends all the while I land flat on my back. She turned around after it hit her and a couple of others skated up to me to see if I was okay but it just turned into everyone (including me) laughing at how horrible I am at ice skating. I hugged the wall for the rest of the night. :)
  11. Too many to choose from so take a batch. Jill image dump here.
  12. The questions return! Let's get to answering.
  13. Blake.Character.Charlotte.Chaige.SnideGlint49199#49014 I bench at least a bench's worth of weight.
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