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  1. Too many to choose from so take a batch. Jill image dump here.
  2. The questions return! Let's get to answering.
  3. Blake.Character.Charlotte.Chaige.SnideGlint49199#49014 I bench at least a bench's worth of weight.
  4. What... knife is it..? ;-;
  5. Hell ye brother thanks for the giveaway opportunity Jen.
  6. Underused Best Jailer NA btw... ask anyone from the first ToS event.
  7. Same person? xen ur cute and im happy you put us two together. Also I MADE IT IN.
  8. Horde 100%. I play Undead Rogue currently on Faerlina. I was leveling with the people in Chateau but I fell behind very quickly due to playing another game that I recently got and the queue times screwing me over. I'm only level 14 now an everybody else shot past me. Here's all of my characters (old ss) that I have on Faerlina. I have 3 characters (Missgnomer, Crown, Backup) on Thalnos as well but I don't really plan on playing on that ever.
  9. 100% what Dun said. I've only had laptops because I was going back and forth between my parents house constantly so I needed the mobility. Now that I'm in college I still need the mobility but want to be able to play games so the laptop has always been the choice for me. Laptop gaming really isn't bad either everything I've played plays extremely well. However, if you're pretty much just gonna be staying in one house and not needing to move your setup around ever - definitely go with the desktop instead. There'll be deals coming up so you might want to scope them out first before just delving in and buying it all at once.
  10. pedro said no EDIT - "no under literally any circumstance"
  11. Thank you for the giveaway.
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