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  1. Extacy

    Happy Birthday!

  2. Just spammed them with random steam accounts I just made lol
  3. I dont 100% remember the name but I think it's called "your moms house"
  4. zap

    Ban Appeal: Think

    SMAC isn't for binds bro. It's for injected cheats. If you really want to come back then just apologize for hacking
  5. I got a Versace jacket lol. Idk, I just wear what looks cool.
  6. zap

    Military Curious

    Well put! I think the last sentence pretty much sums it up
  7. zap

    Military Curious

    I am applying for USAFA as well.
  8. -rep obvious bhop assist. No strafes and is hitting hops. Maybe instead of arguing, you should just apologize. Don't think that it's going to help you now though.
  9. Ma names JEFF Jk, its Cody
  10. zap

    Relationship advice

    Why dont you just sit with her and her friends at lunch? From what you said that seems like an acceptable option. If she says no, then she is obviously trying to ghost you.
  11. Well this account is nova but my comp account is dmg
  12. zap

    Giveaway 2.0

    I have a twin and I'm in an airforce jrotc program
  13. First off really? Anyways, I am going to say +rep cause I want to believe that he miss clicked as well as he has matured over the 3 months. I have seen it happen before.
  14. That flash awp shot though
  15. Correct me if I'm wrong but I believe SMAC is an anti cheat system which entails that it was an injected cheat like aimware that has bunny hop as an extra assistance tool