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  1. happy birthday man I haven't talked to you in the longest time

  2. Happy birthday you redneck,southern,geeky bastard. I miss playing MG with you, when you were a super admin for Lucifer. CLASSICAL SONIC NEVER DIES!

  3. Holy shit I miss the old days on MG you were the chillest person to hang out with. Happy Birthday!

  4. +rep Good dude, respects rules For those who are wondering, I am indeed an Admin, I just am a shadow of my former self. Along with the higher ups not giving me the proper tag on the forums. Turns out my admin was taken away at some point. Oops.
  5. I'm a Minigames admin, I just went and helped on JB from time to time. But yea, I try ;P
  6. My birth was indeed fairly recent, and I do plan to celebrate with extreme boredom.




    Thanks for the B-Day wishes.

    1. SoH_Flipz


      Nah you are gonna celebrate with your dad and beer candies

    2. thyme


      happs man, remember you have school tmrw so don't get too wasted

  7. happy bday my man. So many fun memories with you,Poseidon and Lucifer on the MG server. Have some more of the beer candies and enjoy this night and all of tomorrow.

  8. I'm still here, I just ghost the forums and play from time tot time. Still got admin and everything
  9. https://gyazo.com/a67cb04c87ac81e8e85e5575ec149cbb

    If he does not give it back in that time, I need to remember to get him squared away.

    1. ClassicalSonic



  10. The butterfly's I get are dull, but my karambit isn't, and yes, I knew quite a few tricks, including all the ones in CS:GO.
  11. A few butt boys wanted to see my IRL knife, and I can oblige. The pattern is a blue colored Slaughter. It is lovely.
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