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  1. Happy Birthday to the god himself

    -The catfish :^)

  2. Happy Birthday meow :FeelsBirthdayMan: :peepoLove:

  3. I only regretfully play Smite and Warface because those are the only two next to decent games i can somewhat enjoy. If you want an add anyway i can
  4. Happy Birthday!

    You probably don't know me but I used to see you on way back when I first started playing.

    1. Kawaii Hello Kitty

      Kawaii Hello Kitty

      Depends on what server I was consistently on at the time

      Thank you for the birthday wish! 

  5. Happy birthday

    i still highly appreciate how you helped me out when i first joined sng  forums and helped me with admin the 1st and 2nd time. Withiut you i probably wouldve never got accepted the 2nd time. Thanks so much and have a great day bro

    1. Kawaii Hello Kitty

      Kawaii Hello Kitty

      Thank you for the birthday wish and i bet you could've done it without me! Glad to be of help and i hope your day was just as amazing~

  6. Happy bday bruh

    1. Kawaii Hello Kitty

      Kawaii Hello Kitty

      Thanks my dude, appreciate it :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  7. happy bday!

    1. Kawaii Hello Kitty

      Kawaii Hello Kitty

      Thank you for the birthday wish! 

  8. Happy birfday Amanda! Haven't gotten on the ferms alot, but glad i got on today to wish you an amazing day! ♡

    1. Amanda


      omg its kawaii hello kitty mane

    2. Kawaii Hello Kitty

      Kawaii Hello Kitty

      hallo it me

  9. Tfw when lily makes a post Apply for admin again and say you're cute :^)
  10. Hm...this'll probably be a bit hard. I didn't think Dare ever cheated at all when I watched him play. Nothing really sus from my experience, not expected when he was in sodality though monkaS. Though that doesn't help at all. Good luck Dare.
  11. Very unfortunate and sad seeing you go. It's been great talking to you, hope we can keep in touch someway. You were always an uplifting and amazing friend. I wish you the best in life, Dani. Much love
  12. I play fortnite because that's really the only game I can play with siblings (ps4 family xd). But the game is complete aids and requires NO skill at all. Wanna shoot someone close to you with a scar standing still and crouching. TOO BAD, your bullets will go literally anywhere else. The hit detection is aids, it'll show you hit them half the time and not even register, makes battlefield 4 on release look good :^) tl;dr Pubg > Fortnite. You should never play it if you have no friends to play with. Edit: Forgot the building aspect, what kind of fucking idea is that for a battle royale game.
  13. Did someone say 10-man? :^) Good luck to everyone!
  14. Welcome welcome!
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