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  1. Yeah, I didn't know you had to apply and donate... And yes I know about the 2 rec. things. I was thinking, can I just get VIP with an extra 2000 creds because I donated 2$ above required?
  2. Actually, can you just give me VIP, and an extra 2000 credits because I donated $2 dollars more than need for VIP?
  3. 1.IGN- swhipple 2.Steam ID- STEAM_0:1:66963840 3:Admin recommendation- None currently, but I will edit in if there is some 4. Age- I am 15, but my birthday is May 1st, so yeah. 5- Reason- I have never been an admin before, but I have gotten so close many times, I have always wanted some type of leadership role, but I have never gotten one before. I am very dedicated to servers that I play on, and I can be a trustworthy friend. If things get out of control, I can keep myself calm and handle those types of situations. 6- Most common server- Minigames Side note: I already donated, and I expect a refund if this app is not accepted.
  4. I was told that I had to say here that I donated for admin, so here I am!
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