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  1. Got in my first long-term/real relationship and learned how to love a significant other. Ironically, after a year(and 3 months) of every other week verbal abuse, broke up with toxic girlfriend. Much thanks to @Pedro Deuces for being the main person to help me through it all, before, during, and after the breakup. I don't think I say it enough, but I appreciate you more than I could ever explain and you could ever imagine, you are truly someone I consider a brother/best friend/mentor. I genuinely love you as I do my family. Also much thanks to everyone in TS for accepting me back
  2. Ban appeal? You got gagged. On top of that, I warned you yesterday to stop spamming twice. Then today, you type the same 2-3 line sentence twice that takes up half the chat. You're a frequent player and know the rules, like I said in-game you're lucky I warned you more than once tbh.
  4. TikTok: Make Every Second CountCheck out ianz95’s video! #TikTok > http://vm.tiktok.com/JjNF3S/ actual footage of @Pedro Deuces before he started working out. we all have to start somewhere. truly inspiration to see him transform from that to what he is now.
  5. @Sleepy i cant join the discord my guy, add me on discord boppin#3854
  6. Step 1) Pretend you're Pharah Step 2) Aim at head Step 3) ???? Step 4) Profit
  7. Actually itd probably be easier to just talk in-game, Discord drops (my frames at least) a fuck ton. Plus in-game doesnt sound like shit either.
  8. @Pedro Deuces its like Dolan all over again (idk if his name was dolan or donald but it was that retard who started yelling at his mom in TS)
  9. Battletag: i have to see what accounts are available but ill probs play on diamond smurf Ducklan#11298 or my other acc but the letters r fucked up and i cant type them so ill have to add u on that one, but 99% sure itll be Ducklan Hero Mains: ill probs be on tracer or cree or genji or the flying black man Off-main Heroes: literally any hero Best Role: DPS SR (Szn 6, 7, 8, highest): LUL? why these seasons, these seasons are a joke the game is shit now. I peaked like 4260-80 tho i think and then kinda quit xd but i still play in high masters on smurfs barely trying so
  10. Uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh I haven't talked to Bar in over a year.
  11. First time seeing you as server admin. @Pedro Deuces remember when you made him your slave and then he rebelled and got banned However you must have matured to get admin, congrats