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  1. Azecko is a fag but he cares bout the server +rep
  3. sorry everyone due to the lack of participants the torny is called off :{
  4. as you can see u figured it out without me telling u so yea fuck urself to next tuesday tard poetry slam
  5. i know alot of people will try to get third over 1st but plz take this seriously and try for 1st
  6. HELLO EVERYONE!! EVERYONES FAVORITE CEO/OWNER/KING OF GODS/KINGS/BEST QUARTERBACK FOR SNG EVER/BETTER THAN TIGER WOODS AT GETTING CHASED AT BY OTHER BITCHES/FLYING EAGLE/CAP GOD C/DUH/EL CHOMBO/MCTITYJR34/THE BEST THE BATTLE/ALMOST BEEN OWNER OF SNG 6 TIMES BY COUP DE TA/I MIGHT BE GAY BUT IM ONE BADASS FAGGET BITCH U DONT WANNA FUCK WITH/MAKE IT SHNAPY/RETARD/DUH LOGIC/JUDGE JURY AND KILLA/HOW TF DID YOU GET OWNER/OWNER/WTF WHY YOU TAKE MY OWNER AWAY/HOS YOUR DAY GOIN/OHH YOUR A BASTARD HUH/ITS NOT THAT I HATE YOU I JUST DO THIS FOR EVRYONE SO DONT BE OFFENDED/UVE BEEN READING THIS AND NOW YOUR MY BITCH CUZ I LIKE IT WHEN MY BITCHES READ STUPID ASS SHIT I RIGHT U FUCKING FAG NOW FINIS READING THIS LIKE A GOOD LIL BITCH FAGGET. OK, on a serious note i will be holding a funny rap battle tournament the rap/rhyme can be as long as you would like but it just has to be funny 1st place will be gifted a 20 dollar prize of whatever they want on steam/ 2nd place gets 10 dollars of whatever they want on steam and 3rd place gets this fat dick in there mouth. so if enough ppl join in i will be holding this tournament no owners or co owners may participate btw lol, and the raps will be judge by some hire ups myself and some other stupid ass nigass. so if youd would like to join in this just post "hey duh u dumb nigger i wanna be in the torny" i will make a list and then ill put a new post where u guys can put ur rhymes/raps in about 2 days. This message is brought to you by mctityinc, and duh and friends co have a nice day
  7. Mctityjr

    Santa's Super App

    WISH U LUCK if they try to deni u just offer to suck there dick ull be fine gl
  8. Mctityjr


    oh yea and the rule where daddyjankythebattle_34 is a god needs to be applied and if any one needs salvation daddy god janks will answer ur prays
  9. sorry my bud didn't mean to call ur boyfriend a cat or anything its just that hes such a big pussy
  10. *Little baby duh voice* My big 'ol dweam in SNG would be for everyone to be my bestest fwend. Except for the nigger, and @Legend b/c I know that he fucks his cat b/c I went to his room to ask him for some baby dick condoms, so I could fuck his mom with my little fat baby dick and not get shit on my dick.
  11. idk know if u know this but this post is about safe sex and its safe to wear a condom this post isn't about how it feels u tard of course sex is better without a condom retard
  12. shut ur lil cock sucking bitch mouth and post shit when ur fucking told to u and speak only when spoken to back to ur fruit cup u fruit cup fag
  13. lol awww u think she or anyone other than u actually cares about my background cute legend I wanna pinch ur cheeks cuz ur the little kid who sits there and just says shit that no one cares about u lil cutie u
  14. and I know u need this more than anyone ur the only one that gives a fuck about my background enough I would say u fall under the fagget category since I think u have a crush on me cuz u care so much about me and my background lol sorry bro I'm straight and have a gurl
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