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  1. Happy Birthday!

  2. happy bday woody!! :FeelsBirthdayMan:

  3. Hey! I don't know if some remember me, but it's that old minigames admin Andrew from a while back Just thought I'd stop in and say hello to all the OGs and also to the new people in SNG! I'm actually back into cs, which is pretty cool I guess. I'll never forget all the fun memories and fuckin around on minigames back then. I miss you all, and add me on Discord if you want, too! : 4ndrew#2271 Glad to see SNG still up and running, that really is great -Andrew
  4. happy birthday

    come back ples

  5. Happy Birthday!

  6. Happy day of birth

  7. Hbd minigamer

  8. Happy birthday woody! :peepoLove:

    Come back to SNG pls

    - slinks <3 

  9. Been a while since I've visited the forums! How is everyone?
  10. Hello everyone, I would just like to say that I will be resigning from my Super Admin position. This has absolutely nothing to do with anyone I have any trouble with, or have any problems with on the servers. This is solely based on the fact that I just do not enjoy Csgo as much as I used to. I love all of you (no homo) and I really do appreciate all the friends and relationships I have built along my path. I will still visit the forums and servers to check in every once in a while, I just won't be an Admin anymore. Thank you so much for understanding, & long live SNG! ❤️