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  1. Damaind


    @Tobi The Doggo @Pedro Deuces TOBES!
  2. Damaind


    @Medusa Grats my dude.
  3. @AzulFifth Great Drawings my dude! Heres my Doodle mimics... part 1:
  4. Damaind

    Are traps gay?

    Cant argue the language of the universe which is math. checkmate indeed.
  5. @Spooky Cakes A fellow doodler I see. Here is my take on Mr. SquarePants:
  6. Damaind


    Draw a picture of her.
  7. Was such a good piece I had to do it with my own twist.
  8. Accept of deny me already!

  9. ur pic is ugly btw

    1. ♥♔Suicide x $anity ™
    2. Damaind


      Just mad that you don't have one of my masterpieces.

  10. I dunno I'm waiting for @Patman to Get back to me.
  11. 2nd has a larger color pool while still maintaining the blue SNG theme.
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