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  1. Lymbo has the moves!

  2. @Awkward this is your chance! Why are you gay?
  3. Sounds like you got a Karen for a mom, but congrats anyway for being babysitter of the most retarded game mode in history. Good thing you actually asked for more recs than the first ones you told me you got otherwise I would bitch slap you. Not the same Bottom >:( Edit: fuck you @gabe New Edit: Good @gabe
  4. Let Anime fucking die! Then when I listen to Roundabout by Yes I won't see all these retarded comments about some JoJo shit.
  5. Been playing SNG since December 2015 or January 2016(I can't remember) and I joined the forums 2-3 months later... back when I actually enjoyed playing Minigames and hated Jailbreak I also wasn't an angry fecker :)
  6. Application Format 1.In game name-Flipz 2.Steam ID- STEAM_0:1:63154581 3.Name of the Sodality members recommending you (2 minimum)- @ness, @chicken007, @nat, @sleepy, @Officer Kiwi, @Flowey <---(Don't Know if he is on probation or not) 4.What age are you?-15 5.Why do you believe you are right for SNG Sodality?- I have been apart of SNG for one and a half years and for a normal member I have stuck around for quite a while and have remained fully active since I joined but never striking upwards. I want to join Sodality so I can meet as many new players and help them to my best ability through out all servers and help normal admins moderate servers like JB and Deathrun and all while having the fun as well! Do you agree to equip the 「§NG」| tag if accepted?- There is no doubt that I would not equip it. 6.What server are you most known in-JB(Becoming more and more active on TS and Forums)
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