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  1. I want my god damn normal chat accessories back. Gang tags were gay and still are gay. I'll only play overplayed maps I hate @Noodlesssss and @Alex so they should get mega oofed. I want them credits bois. Make @Flowey operator . Everything Noodlesssss said sounds like it might get me on a couple times.
  2. I still find it very funny that this guy with 8 rep on the forums sparked such a reaction. Keep up the replies. He bringing this shit to life with his "rando" talk!
  3. Damn Dondo is reviving the community with this rant. Keep it up!
  4. Lymbo has the moves!

  5. @Awkward this is your chance! Why are you gay?
  6. Sounds like you got a Karen for a mom, but congrats anyway for being babysitter of the most retarded game mode in history. Good thing you actually asked for more recs than the first ones you told me you got otherwise I would bitch slap you. Not the same Bottom >:( Edit: fuck you @gabe New Edit: Good @gabe
  7. Let Anime fucking die! Then when I listen to Roundabout by Yes I won't see all these retarded comments about some JoJo shit.
  8. Been playing SNG since December 2015 or January 2016(I can't remember) and I joined the forums 2-3 months later... back when I actually enjoyed playing Minigames and hated Jailbreak I also wasn't an angry fecker :)
  9. no -rep IMO you are like Twisty who I think is the exact same way as he was before he got banned but he just doesn't play servers now for anyone to see his behavior. if you do get unbanned you should just get a probation and if you raise hell for proobs or the devs bye bye! @Alex to see if he likes you yet.
  10. An MG that had players on it regularly and wasn't dead. I would love to be able to try WhatABurger from Texas since @CountrySideDonkey and DemolitionRanch speak so highly of it!
  11. Don't worry! Malala is actually from North Korea, a land where South Korea is not recognized but recognized. I would like to go to the USA the USA the USA and the USA because MURICA!
  12. You mislead my boy Twin... CUNT!

    1. SoH_Flipz


      still a hoe I bet

  13. M17 can't play musical chairs without something going wrong for him.(MEME) Anyways, if another god damn name change epidemic occurs I am gonna go on a purge of retards. Keep the name friend(unless you change it to dog ass licker) EDEET: I have had my name since I got an Xbox 360 and started playing MW2 in 2010/2011 and I just can't part with it. Still I only want you to change it if you call yourself dog ass licker
  14. Today we commemorate the day of realization of our lord's, Pedro, existence. All believers of Pedroanity celebrate this wonderful day! Rejoice!

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