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  1. How about we don't listen to one of the known retards on JB and just move on with our merry lives! We already have a betting system in the form of raffle, which is a barely used or ignored like the rest of our pointless plugins. Anyone remember the radio? Me neither! What about !calladmin? I can guarantee that this will be used on the day of launch and then everyone will forget about it and never use it again. If you want to bet then just use raffle. I don't understand how losing up to 500 credits nine times out of ten is gonna help anyone earn credits "more faster". Go on Course and wear the SNG tag for 4 credits. If you couldn't tell, fat -REP
  2. I want five round waiting periods back, summer jail, and the removal of the days list. The player base clearly ain't improving so we might as well go back to ye OLDE TIMES!
  3. So are you talking about the way you start it or not? The only reasonable complaint I can see about simon says is that it's a dumb fucking way to get to lr by shit wardens. Besides that, the game is so fucking easy to understand as it's just changing the way warden gives orders by saying "simon says" before his order.
  5. This shitpost necro actually made me think Twisty is back for second. Dodged a fucking bullet but fuck you @sleepy
  6. Pretty much hungover during the pics but thought I would post to see if anyone is still looking at the forums.
  7. I want my god damn normal chat accessories back. Gang tags were gay and still are gay. I'll only play overplayed maps I hate @Noodlesssss and @Alex so they should get mega oofed. I want them credits bois. Make @Flowey operator . Everything Noodlesssss said sounds like it might get me on a couple times.
  8. I still find it very funny that this guy with 8 rep on the forums sparked such a reaction. Keep up the replies. He bringing this shit to life with his "rando" talk!
  9. Damn Dondo is reviving the community with this rant. Keep it up!
  10. Lymbo has the moves!


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