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  1. chicken007


    Man I got excited for a second thinking zeari was back
  2. It's been 20 days dude Also seriously, I'm so tired of this predictable garbage every time somebody MFKs. There's a first appeal where they claim their dog did it, then the second appeal in the wrong format because I guess they can't fucking read, and every time it ends with them claiming that "Oh I didn't know it was against the rules to go on CT in a jailbreak server and spray down all the Ts before instantly quitting" You knew the rules, and you chose to break them, simple as that. It really isn't that big of a deal. There's no reason to lie or come up with the poor pitiful excuse of being a new player who didn't understand what was happening. You did a dick move because you were in a trolling mood, and that's fine. Just grow a fucking pair and admit it. (also learn how time works dude, it hasn't even been 1 month yet) Appeal denied, although this really ain't an appeal anyway.
  3. chicken007


    jensyl I love you
  4. chicken007

    Moving on

    lex please no please come back to me
  5. Denied. Resident KZ nolifer @Thing 1™ has agreed that you were definitely using a macro. You can re-appeal in a couple months; I'd suggest actually confessing to using the macro next time.
  6. Honestly -rep. Never met you, but you just seem like a weird little fucker. I don't really care about the hacking, but you apparently harassed a bunch of community members and then tried to play it off with some dumbass excuse about how any 13 year old would do the same. At the end of the day, I don't care if you get unbanned, but there are plenty of other communities you can play on and I really don't think it's worth the extra effort to police your behavior if we let you back in. I'll leave it up to people who actually know you, but that's just my two cents.
  7. That's not your steam ID, this is: STEAM_1:0:208302101 We'll have to look at the mdx stats from @Tubby, before anything else can happen, just just wait for him to reply.
  8. Fire Emblem: Three Houses is probably my favorite game of 2019, I put like 250 hours into it already and I'm still going back for more. Animal Crossing: New Horizons is also great.
  9. My current keyboard is a 60% I built with 67g zealios, but I'm building my new board atm with lubed 63.5g holy pandas and a custom case.
  10. This is such an old "bug" that happens on tons of maps with weapon spawners. In the old SCA days on waterside we used to use it as a way to crash the server when something broke. There's really no need to come up with a complicated fix for this. Just don't be a fucking dumbass deno.
  11. Ah the old classic redie bug, really brings me back to the days when we could crash the server on waterside doing this.
  12. ¡ʎɔɐʇxǝ sʇɐɹƃuoɔ

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