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  1. It only took 2 years for you to come to your senses.
  2. I chuckled. Please don't shit post any more or I'll have to restrict you from posting.
  3. Cow tales will always be my favorite candy If you've never heard of them, they're these long ropes of caramel and cream filling, dusted with powdered sugar.
  4. Anyway the ban is over so I'm gonna lock this. If you want to continue talking about the ban, pm me.
  5. No go on the unban, it's too easy for your brother to hop on your account and ban evade. In the future, don't be dickheads and don't get banned.
  6. Alright, there are a couple things I need to address here. First, you have no evidence, so I can't really do anything. Second, after talking to warden and multiple third parties, it's pretty clear that you were repeatedly breaking the rules regarding fair LRs. It is not fair to walk up to a CT, initiate an LR, and kill him instantly before he has a chance to do anything. If you still have issues understanding that incredibly simple concept, I'd be happy to explain it to you in even simpler terms over PMs. Third, you are a known toxic player, and from what I've heard of you I honestly have no sympathy about the ban. If you don't wanna get banned, don't be a cunt. You'll find life is pretty cool when people actually like you. If you have any video evidence showing that warden was in the wrong here, then post it. Otherwise I'm going to have to deny the appeal.
  7. Hey @dudemannnand @donkey kongare you guys related by any chance?
  8. Did you run up to the CT, initiate the LR, and then instantly hit him?
  9. Can you double check? If maps are compiled without HDR then they'll crash clients occasionally.
  10. Looked kinda interesting, especially the white helmets section. Maybe you get to play as an aid worker during one mission and then die horribly at the hands of the main bad guy.
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