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  1. I don't think you're ready for admin just yet. You joke around a lot and don't really show any sign of maturity whenever you get yourself in a heated situation. I think if you improve on your temperament you'd make a great admin, especially with how active you are.
  2. I’m going to go ahead and deny my own server app because it’s too late to ride the wave, and these guys at ea don’t seem like they’ll ever release official support for hosting on anything but their own network.
  3. Thanks for the report, player has now been permanently ctbanned and banned off the servers for a day.
  4. Player has been permanently ctbanned, thanks for the report.
  5. If you can get me the steamid64 of this guy I’ll ctban him
  6. Hey imma reply to this because I see my name dropped. So first of all what does that have to do with you being rude to the mans. Your previous ranking in this community means pretty much nothing after being gone for almost a year or two, and it doesn’t hold you any less accountable than anyone else also applying for admin. None of us have really forgotten about you guys, it’s just that you all are just irrelevant now
  7. i think we should be allowed to prop kill people
  8. Denied, you don't currently meet the post requirement of 20+ posts. You may re-apply once you get these posts. Make sure they aren't spam or that app will get denied too.
  9. proobs

    A short report

    you are a major faggot for typing that out
  10. If you all keep up with this ingame, you all will get perma'd. My apologies for not locking this earlier. Resolved.
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