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  1. I gave @Extacy the go ahead to perm ct ban you, quite frankly because you were being aids on jb. First vid is beacon bait, the second just you freekilling without any warden. https://youtu.be/zfqTeRYc2nc https://youtu.be/zqx1BFIFwzI It's not fun when you're on CT, many players and admins believe this. You have the tendency to find your way around things and find some random excuse to make up for something that would usually be punished. That being said, appeal denied. The CTBan will stay.
  2. Wait whatd I do to u for u to call me sus happy bday homie
  3. Everytime this happens it's usually because the admin doesn't have an SB account setup, I'll just give you one in the meantime since I can't really do anything to the plugin unless u want ur name to be console or something.
  4. man go fuck urself i thought i was @'ed 54 times by someone important
  5. if u wanna be consistent like thing said above practice and have a good pre-strafe so it’s easier on you to make those big hops also dont bind binding is bad @Ballistic Bacon knows a lot! Maybe he can help you here
  6. damn nigga congrats but ima have to take ur tags away
  7. happy birthday bro

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