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  1. proobs

    Ban Appeal: beta

    first post I’ve seen win the day with negative rep you should be proud
  2. We had one, died in like a week and was only occasionally populated by russians. That was when most of our servers had population as well. Can’t see this going well in 2020 or anyone who really would be up to the task of making the server.
  3. watch the show bro on god its the most fire garbage show ive watched
  4. edit: almost forgot these bangerz
  5. I'm going to just deny you, came into discord being overly racist and throwing the hard r every sentence. Don't need people like you in the community.
  6. Nice rage quit pantheon

  7. in game user name : proobs i will play
  8. the weebs taking over the country (if u ever wanna watch something with someone im always down big man 😅)
  9. wheelchair mid @ Rachnus
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