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  1. A slay for doing nothing was a bit too much, and honestly looks like a power trip. @Nikeaj I'd like for you not to do stuff like this next time, just shut him up if he's really annoying you with a mute or something. Otherwise ignore it. As for @DeadlyAwper from what I'm seeing in the last few posts on this thread, you've been a problem for quite sometime. Chill out in before you get a punishment thrown your way. also as a side note I want literally everyone not to take any of this guys advice Resolved.
  2. Appeal accepted. Don't make the same mistake again or it'll be a permaban with no chance at appeal.
  3. I’m pretty sure changing current round time in csgo isn’t possible without restarting the match, since that’s how mp_roundtime works and I assume m_iRoundTime would do the same. Gonna double check after school, if it’s possible I’ll do it after I finish up some stuff this weekend.
  4. Our servers don’t use any JavaScript, client sided however most of panorama is in JS. Also that thread has legit nothing to do with anything about optimization. And even if it did (cuz I just glanced over it) you’d need to ask csgo devs to fix their shit not us.
  5. Appeal accepted, however the ban will be kept at a week and you’ll need to wait it out since you’ve been a problematic player in other areas. Locking and moving.
  6. dicey after i said "yeah aight" to the n word pass
  7. bnha music so i end up breaking my back with shit form trying to deadlift way over what my max is
  8. so long as you have a sourcebans account with the same steamid as yours it should work. Have it set like that so someone doesn’t get the name “console” and massbans everyone. Since you’re a new admin I’m going to assume that one never got setup for you since we switched our perms system, so I’ll make you that later once I’m home.
  9. Hello all, I have come to inform you that @erik :] is a complete and utter monkey. He comes into admin chat day after day spitting more shit into that channel then what actually comes from his bum. His condition is deteriorating on the daily, and although this may be bad new for some of you.. His poop state has reached a new height... A new height of what you may ask? A new height of degeneracy. This man cannot stop talking about poop and its... its awful.. Many of us cannot bear to see the once great erik succumb to his own disease.. And its terrifying... I shall now get to the point, and that is, we need to exile erik... Him and all his shit... He must learn... He must grow.. This is the only way for him to become great again... Please spread this message, #exileerik
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