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  1. Happy bday

  2. Kappa

    Ban Appeal: index

    Thanks for all the +reps guys. Really means a lot to me. ?
  3. Kappa

    Ban Appeal: index

    In-Game Name: index Steam ID: http://steamcommunity.com/id/stayed STEAM_1:1:118034475 Name of the Admin that punished you: Console Reason why you got punished: Cheating Length of your punishment: Perm Reason why the punishment should be lifted: First off I’m not saying I deserve to be unbanned because I realize what I did was wrong and I’m sorry for doing it. I’m simply asking if I could have one more chance. I got banned the day I started cheating which was about 3 month ago. It was a huge mistake to even download a cheat in the first place and risk using it on a server that I love and that I’ve been apart of basically since the start on multiple accounts (accounts that aren’t banned for cheating just old ones). After I got banned I quit playing for the sole fact that SNG awp east was one of the only things I played on CS. I’m wanting to play cs again but for SNG mainly and being unbanned would mean the world to me. I see what I did was wrong and it will never happen again. I hope you will decide to unban me and decide to let me play on your servers again. Thank you.
  4. Also talking to you in a private chat isn't immature. Its better I talk to you there than comment all that on your profile. THAT would be more immature. And about my rank like 3 months ago. I was gold nova 3 probably 2 months ago. I started 5 man queuing and got to MGE/DMG. After that I started queing with LEM and higher players and we won a lot of games thus making me rank up quickly. I finally got to supreme and 2 days after that I queued with all globals and got global. You act like ranking up is something difficult to do when in reality it doesn't take long at all if you have the right people to play with. Sorry if I offended you just when someone calls me something I'm not I'm going to retaliate back like a normal human would.
  5. That has nothing to do with an application. Idk what that proves. Like you legit called me boosted when I got global. Most people are going to retaliate when someone calls them something they aren't. I have never played aztec in comp before so it obviously wasn't me. I don't know why you brought this here instead of just messaging me privately because it doesn't have anything to do with this.
  6. Ya, I'm going to become more active on the forums regardless of getting sodality or not.
  7. Yes, I realize I haven't been as active as I should be, but I have recently started to get back on the east server a lot more. So yes I am going to be a LOT more active from now on.
  8. Before they get a warning.
  9. I don't remember trying to provoke you at anytime or being a very rude player. You deleted me and kicked from from ThK the day after I joined Cokebb. I hadn't even said a word to you. I instantly got kicked once I joined Cokebb. And yes I haven't been active on forums but I will try to be more active from now on regardless if I get accepted or not. Sorry if I was ever mean or tried to provoke you.
  10. 1. In game name: kappa (I change it sometimes but it is mainly) 2. http://steamcommunity.com/id/kyo-/ 3. People that recommended you: Winny, Sniipe, Lord Sesirith 4. What age are you?: 15 turning 16 very soon. 5. Why do you think you should be apart of the sodality group?: I know the rules on the server and know when and when not to mute mic spammers. I have been playing on the server for almost as long as I can remember. I started playing on SNG servers on a different account that I now use as a smurf. My friend first invited me to it over a year ago. Ever since that day I got on the server after school and played for hours on end. I completely quit MM games because I loved the awp server so much. This server has brought me so much happiness for a long time now and I would love to help people enjoy playing on the server as much as I did by making sure the server is free of mic spammers and other people that may be a disturbance to casual players on the server. Do you agree to use the 「§NG」| tag if accepted? Yes 6. What server are you most known on?: Awp east and very rarely awp west
  11. 1. In game name- kappa 2. Steam ID- http://steamcommunity.com/id/kyo-/ 3. Members recommending you- sniip and Ambition 4. What age are you- 15 5. Why do you believe you are right for Sodality- I have been playing on SNG for a few years now and on many different accounts. I know a good amount of the staff members. I haven't played in a while but it has been because of family problems but I plan on starting to play a lot more again and being a part of the community more than I have been in the past. 6. Do you agree to wear the 「SNG」| § tag if you are accepted- Yes 7. What server are you most known in- West/East Awp

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