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  1. not too late to delete this
  2. You want us to ban someone for calling another person bald?
  3. Well deserved, congratulations
  4. Not a ton of candidates, I think noodles is the best possible operator at the time so +rep. Active, knows the rules and is friendly/helpful to new players
  5. +rep been talking to him lately and he’s definitely not the way he used to be, he doesn’t associate with his old friend group anymore so why not give him another chance
  6. make it once a map so it seems special rather than a chore
  7. Taking online classes instead of living on campus
  8. Merry Christmas everyone hope you have a fantastic day
  9. u should be ashamed if ur lying
  10. ayyyyy thanks for doing this
  11. id like a hitler model for CTs on jailbreak
  12. Earthling

    Free Skins

    Thanks for doing this

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