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  1. These bitchass JB admins need to be more active fr
  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Why are you guys -repping a player complaint
  4. Earthling


    aye thanks for doing this
  5. Aye chiken thanks for doing this happy birthday too
  6. +rep JB needs admins and this guy is a perfect choice. Active and knows rules. GL
  7. Earthling


    Flightreacts, good mythical morning, dead meat, foundflix, Danny Duncan, mr nightmare, Logan Paul (😐)
  8. +rep clearly knows how to operate a server. i think he would fit the position well.
  9. we get it your afraid to @ mention him but your clearly targeting him with that. Stop being a passive aggressive little fanboy
  10. My wife’s boyfriend is named Colin, welcome to the forums man!
  11. Lmaoo mans googled “teen in vlone shirt” and posted it to the selfie topic 😂😂