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  1. mcdonalds all day burger king is dogshit
  2. i almost bit through my tongue when i was a kid because I was laughing so hard according to my parents thanks for doing this
  3. i hate how I never get to see him because he is one of my favorite people in sng
  4. yea and "rando" jb kids are the weird ones after reading this.... yikes
  5. Earthling

    Good Rules!

    wholesome intro, welcome to the forums
  6. Cool thanks for doing this
  7. thx for giving up the spot now @breezy can apply
  8. BasedGodEarthling If you need a bodyguard you come to me, ill keep you safe every night
  9. Took my dog for a walk this morning
  10. +rep I hate dying from actually participating in the day then being forced to watch people roam around the map and do secrets.
  11. Technology topic or something, i see a lot of people asking for specs/headset/mouse/keyboard/computer part recommendations
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