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  1. Great guide I've got a CITIZEN but it doesn't look as classy as the watches you posted
  2. nep~

    demoted nigga hours

    Wtf are "steam aesthetics"
  3. Happy

    1. B0xerZ



      you forgot "bday" btw haha

  4. https://osu.ppy.sh/users/7679440 kinda embarrassing tbh
  5. nep~

    Stay Hydrated!

    It can be easy to forget to drink some wack ass water sometimes and with some areas experiencing heat waves its important to maintain proper hydration ya dig? Weight Ounces of Water Daily 100 pounds 67 ounces 110 pounds 74 ounces 120 pounds 80 ounces 130 pounds 87 ounces 140 pounds 94 ounces 150 pounds 100 ounces 160 pounds 107 ounces 170 pounds 114 ounces 180 pounds 121 ounces 190 pounds 127 ounces 200 pounds 134 ounces 210 pounds 141 ounces 220 pounds 148 ounces 230 pounds 154 ounces 240 pounds 161 ounces 250 pounds 168 ounces i hate water btw.
  6. Pancakes, unless the waffles are the "do it yourself" ones you make at motel continental breakfast.
  7. nep~


    welcome see u on awp bud
  8. nep~


    I got a couple
  9. I'm ready to feast. @Amanda @Yerm @Aru Thanks for the suggestions!
  10. Oh shit we eating good tonight
  11. I'm looking to cook some fire up tonight, what do y'all recommend?
  12. The heat is melting my brain

  13. *please excuse my shitty formatting and garbage Grammer I'm on mobile and am slightly retarded* Alright so apparently I'm missing maps or models or whatever because the demo refuse to play so I'll just try to explain the best I can based on the information I've got. 1. Im really interested in how my bhopping looked from your perspective considering I can't bhop consistently for shit when I join the AU server, the only way i can describe it is a "delayed boost" when I try to bhop and I can barely hit 3-5 hops without losing speed; missing a hop and my movement is hindered greatly. Maybe someone else from NA that's played on these servers can explain better if they experience the same problem. 2. So when I first joined there was only four people playing including me, one of these people was someone named "Whale" and Whale called cheats pretty early on, maybe 2 rounds into the 2v2 we were having. He pretty much instantly started spamming !votekick, !voteban, and !calladmin. At this point I left and came back maybe 20-30 mins later and there was slightly more people on, maybe 6 in total and as soon as I came back he started telling everyone that I was a cheater and he started pulling out the !votekicks and !votebans again. Near the end of this game is when the person ( I can't remember there name but they had a mic and was the same person you mentioned who was calling me out for cheating) started to actually defend me claiming that Whale had actually accused him of cheating the first time he came on the server. The next game ( the one I got banned during) is when he started to try and call me out and talk about how I "could never hit those flicks with such shitty movement" and "take so long to hit my toggle key when I aim at someone". As far as the weird off point aim goes the only thing I can say is it's got to be a mixture of the high ping, and my shitty internet (having 2 roommates playing fortnite at the same time doesn't help either) that's causing the aim to look sus, considering nothing on my screen was really that sketchy except maybe one shot that I remember. Hope this helps clear things up a lil!
  14. Sorry for the late reply just got off work, but how the heck do i view these demos lol ive been trying for 20 mins..
  15. In-Game Name: Hot Chocolate Steam ID: STEAM_1:0:444199360 Name of the Admin that punished you: Smiles Reason why you got punished: Aim Assist Length of your punishment:Permanent Reason why the punishment should be lifted: I have played on that server many times without any problems, I was also playing yesterday on the central server with no problems but today it seems many were convinced i was using a plethora of cheats. I can see why considering i was on a brand new account and was playing with 250+ ping, But either way i have not cheated on any account and was not cheating in general. I will admit i was playing the "cheating anime gamer" role quite well and was making comments like "just let me cheat" to annoy the accusers. I don't really have any proof to back up my claims but i also don't see much proof of cheating provided. Anyway i hope we can get this cleared up and i can enjoy the servers again! Sorry for any inconvenience this may have caused. -Nep
  16. gott sum dank earbuds, bumpin thru my city now
  17. nep~

    SNG 2016

  18. happy bday boi

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