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Everything posted by october

  1. happy birthday!

  2. If you ask nicely an admin can probably fill you in on the details of your ban. Also I would put in a little more effort into your apology even if you don’t remember!
  3. This is rad thanks for putting this together
  4. Happy birthday 

  5. Happy birthday 

  6. congrats @Spooky won the wildfire @naK won the NEO @erik :] won the statrak serpent add me on steam to claim your prize Desktop 2020.09.07 -
  7. smoke yall in skribbl.io
  8. Fall guys is fun for 20 min, boutta try among us since I keep hearing about it
  9. Happy birthday!

  10. Welcome! You the muted guy with the slippery movement?
  11. october


    welcome back
  12. +rep has helped me a lot as a new deathrun player and is active af
  13. wellll I planned to do some sort of event but I couldn't figure out what to do (or if that's even allowed) sooo i'm just gunna do the usual spin like everyone else FACTORY NEW Wildfire FACTORY NEW NEO-NOIR FACTORY NEW StatTrak™ Aetheris you know the drill just comment and ill spin 3 winners as soon as they are tradable Sep 07, 2020 (7:00:00) GMT then you can fight TO THE DEATH for which awp you want or something idk RULES *NO banned niglets allowed *No bribes *no ass pats or dick riding GOOD LUCK
  14. october

    thank you SNG

    Enjoy college man congrats! I'll finish your drawing by the time you graduate
  15. Happy birthday 🎂🎉

  16. october

    Who Am I?

    oh wassup dong smoker
  17. Haha im working on it he’s just really hard to draw
  18. do u have a bigger picture i cant see it very well lol
  19. @colinkr was on some devil shit with this one lel here ya go bud pencil and sharpie if its not really your style feel free to message me for something different!
  20. +rep Although not a very good idea to intentionally play around with any sort of macro or whatever in the server I don't see any malicious intent.
  21. Happy birthday 

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